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En vit duva/A white dove

 World peace dove?  I've seen it twice on different occasions. A white dove among our gray urban pigeons. I want to see it as a good sign for the year ahead of us. May the New Year turn bad news into good news. May the new year make the sick healthy, sad happy, wicked kind… Continue reading En vit duva/A white dove

Trafic signs/Trafikskyltar i fantasin, What ever


We all need a cuddle or two sometimes. Of joy, sadness, loneliness, fellowship, comfort, encouragement. One moment closeness that provides charitable support. It costs so little to share just that. But does so infinitely more than we might think. This edict sign would recall it. To embrace each other. Have a good day and you… Continue reading EMBRACE ONE ANOTHER

Trafic signs/Trafikskyltar i fantasin, What ever

Love waste/Slösa med kärlek

This kind of signs do we need in life traffic. A mandatory sign urging us to waste with love. When I think of the charitable love, which actually cost very much to squander. A kind word, a helpful gesture, an ear that listens, a hand that gives close for a while, or life-long commitment in… Continue reading Love waste/Slösa med kärlek