Goals for 2016 Part 2

In this post I told you about one of my goals for 2016: https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/goals-for-2016/ I'v come one more drawing forward. I have about 96 left to do after that one. But this is a great drawing journey through time and space so I love every minute of my journey. I will tell you more about… Continue reading Goals for 2016 Part 2

oil paintings, What ever

Searching for light

Olja, 50x100cm This painting is for me about the need of silence, silence in moments of recovery before searching the light above surface. High sensitive persons may recognize this feeling. The author Elaine Aron has written a book about the high sensitive persons. Read it if you want to learn more. Have a nice day,… Continue reading Searching for light

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri, What ever

Trosa hamn/Trosa harbor in February

Trosa hamn en februarikväll, med vår i luften och is och snö kvar på marken. Solens sena strålar hjälper vattentornet långt uppe på berget nå ända ner till gästhamnens vattenspegel. Alldeles underbar stillhet och tystnad. Må alla som besöker och bor i Trosa för alltid kunna uppleva detta naturens under mitt i staden en helt… Continue reading Trosa hamn/Trosa harbor in February