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Vasaloppet Sweden 2018

I know what I'm doing this Sunday morning. No I'm not participating in Vasaloppet, the biggest ski race in Sweden. But I do watch the start and rest of the race on TV. It's a race where professionals and amateurs race together. The start is something unique. Thousands of racers start and release so… Continue reading Vasaloppet Sweden 2018

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First Sunday in March I always do this

I will never ever put on a pair of skies and go nine Swedish miles (one mile is ten kilometers) from Sälen to Mora. But I will probably always in my mind ski that nine miles every year the first Sunday in March in front of the tv in my favorite chair with my favorite… Continue reading First Sunday in March I always do this

Digital paintings, drawings

World cup Stockholm 

Tonight on Swedish TV there was a annual event from Stockholm Sweden. FIS ski world cup visited Hammarby ski slope with a parallel slalom competition. That's very fun to watch on TV. They run against each other two at the time in a cup that ends with a small and big final.  So tonight I… Continue reading World cup Stockholm 

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Snow nostalgia

   When I was a teen in the 80s, we only had two tv channels in Sweden, and my family didn't have a VCR for a long time. The TV didn't played music video that often and we had no access to the 80s MTV. So, when the Wham Hit Last Christmas came we could… Continue reading Snow nostalgia