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Trees can help us – Träd kan hjälpa oss

This film about trees are very interesting. I don't know if it's possible to watch outside Sweden though. Den här filmen om träd ger inspiration att plantera träd och göra dem till våra hjälpbredor att förbättra våra chanser att klara klimatförändringarna. I like trees a lot for many reasons. Jag gillar träd och skogar… Continue reading Trees can help us – Träd kan hjälpa oss


Morning drawings Morgonteckningar August 3-4 2018

Yes the winter hasn't been so nice to this one. The ice do things we can't control. Ja, isen har format bryggans sneda karaktär. Jag har inte tecknat tokigt. Good morning to you all 🙂 Godmorgon allihopa 🙂 Anna

Nature miracles, What ever

December 16 2017 nice findings

Global warming isn't always bad... I found these in the forest today I gave them to a friend as an early Christmas present or whatever. You actually can give people little gifts no matter what day it is. Never mind if it's a gift holiday, a birthday or something else day. Just give the gift… Continue reading December 16 2017 nice findings

Nature miracles, Photographs

Something good about Fall

A walk in the woods. Fresh air, nature miracles and some nice findings 😉 I hope you all have the weekend you want. Mine is good so far 🙂 Anna