Nature miracles, Photographs

Long time no seing 

I morse fick jag syn på denna vinbärssnäcka. Det var länge sedan vi såg sniglar och snäckor här. Kanske har den mer fuktiga luften givit dem en mer gynnsam tillvaro igen. This morning I saw this little friend for the first time after long dry and hot weeks. Now it's still hot but more humid.… Continue reading Long time no seing 

Nature miracles, Photographs


Found some slugs with houses and then they're called Snails or Gastropoda. In Swedish we say "snigel" or "snäcka". In German "snäcka" is "schnecke". I think they are beautiful with their shells 🙂 I also think they are wise, they take it slow. We should learn to do that too! Anna