Not Spring yet – Inte vår ännu

It’s been a great day so far. Then this came down from sky. That icky bad white stuff as Jim call it.

Idag har jag haft en underbar dag. Sen kom detta ner från skyn.

It is wet snow, so tomorrow I know what to do. Snow shoveling. Good exercise but I reqlly want Spring now.

Blöt snö som enligt väderprognoserna ska fortsätta i natt och imorgon. Ingen ode att planera in så mycket annat än träningsformen snöskottning. Jag längtar efter våren!

Yes we have the Christmas lights up still. I think the town forgot about it. It was the first year they decorated the tree with lightballs this Christmas. The usual stuff around the center of town is gone. But not this decoration.

Jepp, vi har julbelysning kvar ännu. Tror att kommunen glömt att plocka ner just denna belysning. På torget har de tagit bort julbelysningen. De har inte haft belysning i detta träd tidigare, så förmodligen har de glömt den kvar.

Have a great Friday. Today I learned there’s still some good in the world.

Ha en underbar fredag. Idag kunde jag genom små händelser återfå hoppet om att en god värld kan vinna över dess motsats.



More snow again

This morning

Snowy kayaks. You won’t belive it, but one kayak actually got in the water today. Not me, but I saw another person step in a kayak and paddle away. Brrr!

Snowy trees are beautiful 🙂

Five hours of snow shoveling today. My exercise is done for today. Lovely weather with so much fresh air in my lungs now 🙂

I still long for Spring though.


More snow 

Beautiful, but I long for Spring 🙂




Winter arrival- vinterns intåg

Been away from here because of winter arrival. That means time consuming snow shoveling. But snow shoveling also means exercise and fresh air. It all depends on how you see it. 

Vinterns intåg har stulit tid från bloggandet eftersom snön innebär några pass på “snögymet”. Det innebär ju motion och frisk luft, så allt beror på hur man ser på saker och ting.

Winter is beautiful but exhausting 🙂

Vintern erbjuder vackra landskap, men innebär också stor ansträngning 🙂

Winter in my neighborhood. Vinter i mitt kvarter.


The weather outside’s delightful :)

…or not depends on how you see it.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

That’s nice to see some bright colors that lightening up the ground 

But with nice things there’s always a but.

Someone have to shovel this snow. Well, there’s always an upside to downsides too. Shoveling snow mean exercise in fresh air. What can be bad about that, besides the heavy lifts?

I can’t help it, snow is beautiful around Christmas 🙂

Here’s an old snow painting of mine.


Is it snowing on your blog?

A post at Aspiblog made me aware of something I didn’t had thought about.

The snowing on wp blogs in December. I always thought that was a nice little extra in December. But not everyone reader see it that way. The snowing can disturb the reading. So this year, no more snowing on my blog.

You find the settings here if you want to check your own blog.

Another setting you might want to think aboubt is the language setting if your in a EU country with restricted area codes. If I put Swedish as language my blog posts only shows in Swedish readers flow. I disappear from the wp reader if you’re not in Sweden and if you’re not following my blog. I still can write in both Swedish and English or any other language for that matter. When I set English as language my posts shows in the worldwide flow in wp reader from where the most of the visitors at my blog come from.


December 7 2017 White stuff morning

I woke up to a white ground outside, but shortly after that the ground turned grey again.

It was shovel free snow, so it was beautiful and all good.

I don’t mind it’s not much snow yet. I like a white Christmas though, but then it can be Spring again I say 🙂

Here’s a Swedish winter song about how fun it is when it’s snowing. I liked snow as a kid. Snow ment skiing and other fun things to do outside. Someone else shoveled the snow, so we kids only had fun when snow arrived.

Do you like snow? 


Rain vs Icky bad white stuff

The light starting to get back to us here now. This is around 18:30 today.

In wintertime it’s pitch black dark around 14:00-15:00.

And no, I don’t mind the raindrops on the windows. We actually need rain.

But….what we don’t need is that thing that Jim call icky bad white stuff coming down.

An hour later this came down. You can’t see it, but the fine white lines are thar icky bad white stuff.

I want spring temps back. We were up at 18C the other day. Now were back at 0C. Brrrr!

No, I can’t complain at all. I have roof over my head. I have warmth. I have food for all days to come so far I know. My family that is still alive is still alive and the ones who passed away have passed away peacefully without pain or diseases and with an ok life length. So no, I can’t complain about anything. Still I wish for Spring weather, can I do that without being greedy?

So rain vs icky bad stuff, who wins? I hope rain wins right now. Maybe I think differently in December around Christmas 😉

What doyou think?


Snowball tree

What do you do with some left over snow?

You make a snowball tree 🙂

What do you do with the Spring snow?


Stats not the only thing that falls

Shoveling snow this evening. Sorry for not being here with you instead.

I wasn’t around much here yesterday either.

The stats clearly show what you think of my absence 😉

I’m not a stats addict, but I miss you all when I don’t have time to be here.

I hope you all are okay.

If you want to tell me and the others what you’re up to on your blog, please tell us in the comments and leave a link if you want.


A perfect tv day :)

The 2017 year version of Vasaloppet is still ongoing, but the broadcast of the event has ended for the day. It’s the only time of the year I get stuck in front of tv almost a whole day.

Why? Because it’s amazing to see all nice and friendly people that take part in the race behind the elite. And because of the excitement to see who’s gonna have the strength left to get to the finish line first.

It’s the worlds longest skirace and the worlds biggest race, they say. 

The elite on their way to finish line in less than an hour. They begin to take positions for the chances of getting there first. 

A helicopter takes us through the race and show the forests of the landscape Dalarna, or what’s left of the woods. 

It’s gonna be a tight race right before the finish line this year, not many meters left here.

A Norweigian guy hits the line first. Actually the very same guy who won last year. When it comes to ski races it’s very often a Norweigian guy who wins nowadays.

You can check the results at

Then we waited for the first woman to reach the finish line

And for the fisrt time since 2011 there was a Swedish who won

You can read the womens results at

The finish line motto “I fäders spår för framtids segrar” is in English In Forfathers trace for futures victories. Maybe a bad translation, I’m sorry for that 😉

If you’re in Sweden you can still watch the race at

So, now when Vasaloppet is over for me, I’m looking forward to Spring arrival.

Many of the skiers still has many hours to go before then come to Mora and the finish line. I admire every one of them making this race i.r.l and not in front of tv as I do. 

I also think all volunteers is worth all respect for making this day a great day for so many people. And thank you Swedish tv for broadcasting the event.

Each and every one of you who reads this post probably have a country man or woman in this race. They said 43 countries were represented in the race.


Not a fun thing about snow

Woke up to this in the early morning

Snowy landscape is back. But it’s wet snow in plus 2 degree C weather so it won’t last long.

Have a great Friday all of you. 


Another fun thing about snow

This little snowman didn’t last long. We have plus degree C these days when the sun come out. It’s Spring in the air, but we can still get cold days and snow.


One fun thing about snow

When snow fall it usually means shoveling time, but there are areas that don’t need to be shoveled. And with snow left there’s a possibility to find traces of wild animals around my place. Like this one. A badger foot I think. We have deers, foxes, elks and hares too, but this foot does not belong to any of them. My guess is a badger.