Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar January 27 2019

If you wonder what I'm doing instead of being here blogging with you Om ni undrar vart jag har tagi vägen eftersom jag inte honner blogga så ofta just nu Snow shoveling is the answer 🙂 Snöskottningen tar min bloggtid 🙂 Anna


Water color winter

Found an old painting I did twenty years ago. Anna

Photographs, What ever

Snow is melting 

That must be something good or what do you think? Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Snow fun

This is a good thing  about snow. Morning started cold, minus 8C, but when Spring sun came out the snow became art material 🙂 we had a lot of fun making small snowmen and other things with the snow. A tiny little snowman Snowball tree 🙂 Snow Yoda And a nother magic creature  The Christmas… Continue reading Snow fun

Photographs, What ever

17:22 March 15 2018

Spring is not on its way yet obviously. No it's nothing wrong with the cam. It's coming icky bad white stuff down from sky. It is white out there. No sunshine in sight at all. Back to winter. Anna