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#inktober 29 – uh-oh

Does the C-19 virus knows the damage it has caused mankind? Will we ever hear a uh-oh from it? Anna

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I’m sorry!

Today I found several comments that I have left unanswered.  That was not my intention. I try to answer all comments. I blame wp for not showing all comments in the notifications.  I'm deeply sorry. I try to check comments as often as I can, still some comments seems to play hide and seek. I… Continue reading I’m sorry!


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Baking day blueberry donuts

   Sorry for not being around here on wp tonight or is ot today for some of you? I've been baking mini donuts with bluberry frosting.  Grab one or two or more 😀 Anna

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Comments mess

Some of your comments seems to disappear from the notification section in wp app, but I can sometimes find them in the comments section. Until recently I never check that section. I thought everything should show up in the notifications. But apparently not. So, now I try to remember to check the comments list too.… Continue reading Comments mess