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Poppy at We’re all stars is learning Swedish and wants to find Swedish blogs to read. Poppy från bloggen We're all stars vill gärna ha tips på svenskspråkiga bloggar eftersom hon försöker lära sig svenska. I have some swedish language blogs that I read and follow, but if you can recommend other swedish blogs to her,… Continue reading Swedish blogs

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Tree hugger or not?

Languages play jokes on us sometimes. The word hugger in English means someone who hugs. It's a nice word. In Swedish hugger is a verb for chop and the verb for using an axe. Tree is in Swedish träd, it's quite similar. Hugg in Swedish is chop, hug in English is hug. Also quite similar… Continue reading Tree hugger or not?

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Speak Swedish part 7

The previous Speak Swedish post got a comment about the swedish word "slut". It is not the same as the word in English. Just look at this. In English the word means something totally different  We pronounce the word differently, but when we write the letters only, who can then tell the difference? Languages are… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 7

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Speak Swedish part 6

When I was in school about hundred years ago I thought it was scary to learn English, a foreign language. The thing that scared me was, what if I can't learn it properly, what if I say the wrong words, spell them bad and so on. What if I don't understand the language.  I was… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 6

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Speak Swedish part 5

Just one word one this time. And a bit difficult maybe. I've just noticed when I wroted a comment where I should say I saw something bla bla bla. I had to check the meaning of the word saw, like in see, saw and so on. I remembered back in my head that saw also… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 5

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Speak Swedish part 4

I say it again. Speaking Swedish doesn't have to be that difficult. Look at this: Swedish - English Nobel - Nobel Professor - Professor Slang - Slang Blind - Blind Museum - Museum That wasn't so difficult ha? Anna 🙂   

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Speak Swedish part 3

I will keep saying that you all can learn Swedish. Read this (English translation) April (April) September (September) Oktober (October) November (November) December (December) That wasn't to difficult, ha? Anna   

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Speak Swedish part 2

Today you gonna learn a Swedish word you'll never forget. I can almost promise you that. It's not a difficult word, nor a long one with lots of letters to remember. It's a word linking other words together and in that meaning it do no harm or do not upset anyone. But when we single… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 2