Spring greetings from Sweden

Finally the Spring arrived. We think.

Spring sun makes beautiful colors. No more icky bad white stuff and the light is back 🙂



A bird at the nest

I will never grow up, so chalk crayons on a piece of rock will always be fun for me.

This time I drew a bird and a nest. Many birds are busy right now with watching over their eggs.

This bird has the nest high up in a tree. Maybe it’s a whitetailed eagle.


19:40 in April

Lights coming back. That means Spring.

How does it look like over at your place in the evening? Is it light or dark?


Ladybird on my doorstep 

The first ladybird of the year. At least the first I have seen this Spring.

As a kid I thought they were fantastic beautiful little fairy tale creatures. 

As a grown up I know they can be millions and then they are not fun at all.

In Swedish we call them KeyMaiden in a direct translation. Nyckelpiga in Swedish.


The wagtails are finally here!

Today they came. The wagtails. That means Spring for certain.

Have a great start of a new week to you all!


Oh no, not that time of the year again

I think several of you know what I’m talking about.

That #xxxgrrxxxxgrrrr summertime. I like early mornings but there’s a limit.

I start my mornings at five o’clock and from tomorrow until late October that five o’clock is gonna be four o’clock. That’s not morning to me, that’s in the middle of the night. At least it feels that way. I’m not a fan of the summertime adjustment. I like normal tome a lot better and so does my body and health.

It’s no better at evenings. Well it’s nice with bright summer nights, ok I admit. But, there’s a big but (not butt, hehehe). The bright nights makes me stupid. I don’t get when I shall go to bed. The nights never turn dark. 

When you go up early in the morning, then you have to get to bed early. That order is difficult to follow when summertime rules the days. 

So, it’s lovely that it is much more near real Spring now, but the big downside is that five o’clock in the morning turns to four o’clock. 

I’m not going to be myself until we set back the clock again.

Enough rant. Have a great Saturday 🙂


Till min syster – For my sister

Kvällens luft innehåller löfte om vårens ankomst. Vårluften har en speciell atmosfär och jag kommer då alltid att tänka på min favoritsång om våren. Dan Anderssons Till min syster.

The air to night promise Spring soon. It’s a special atmosphere in that Spring air at night. I always come to think about my favorite song in Spring time.

Sofia Karlsson sings To my sister in Swedish. I think she maybe using a DADGAD guitar but I’m not sure, it can be a regular one too. I’m not a music genius. I just know that she has a DADGAD guitar and have written a song about that guitar.

It’s a poem with tunes written buy the famous Swedish poet Dan Andersson.

Here’s a translation of the lyrics to English

I’m so ready for Spring. Are you?
Or do you wait for another season to come?


16:30 March 15 2018

Light’s coming back up here in cold Sweden. It was -8C this morning. In the afternoon it was a bit warmer thanks to sun. Then it was only -2C.

Maybe Spring will come this year too.


Spring and the Summer

Jim gave me this video as an answer in a talk at his blog.

So I answered with this one

That means the Spring/Summer song search is on.

If you have a Spring or Summer song you like to share. Leave the link in the comments. I bet Leslie have a Spring song. She always have songs for everything. Art in any form often have a piece for everything. That’s the beauty of art.

Maybe Spring will come soon then. But not all of waiting for Spring. That’s northern hemisphere right? What about you in the south? Do you wait for Autumn or how does it work?


Have you something to say…

…about the icky bad white stuff that took me almost three hours of shoveling yesterday evening? I could continue this evening but I’m tired of shoveling and walk millions of miles during the shoveling. At least it feels like that when the snow never ends.

Above that it’s freezing cold outside. The temperature is -10 C or even lower. Don’t talk about the north winds that increase that coldness several points. Brrr!!!!

Enough ranting.

Can you say something good about snow?

When I was a kid I thought snow was fun. But back then I was smarter. I used snow for much more fun things than shoveling. Skiing, building snowmen, caves and jumps for the skiing. I should grow back down again and have fun with snow instead of wining about shoveling snow.

Some winter pics from my town. A new house and an old one.

Have a great time in snowy times. I want Spring!

Anemones. One white and some blue ones 🙂


Not Spring yet – Inte vår ännu

It’s been a great day so far. Then this came down from sky. That icky bad white stuff as Jim call it.

Idag har jag haft en underbar dag. Sen kom detta ner från skyn.

It is wet snow, so tomorrow I know what to do. Snow shoveling. Good exercise but I reqlly want Spring now.

Blöt snö som enligt väderprognoserna ska fortsätta i natt och imorgon. Ingen ode att planera in så mycket annat än träningsformen snöskottning. Jag längtar efter våren!

Yes we have the Christmas lights up still. I think the town forgot about it. It was the first year they decorated the tree with lightballs this Christmas. The usual stuff around the center of town is gone. But not this decoration.

Jepp, vi har julbelysning kvar ännu. Tror att kommunen glömt att plocka ner just denna belysning. På torget har de tagit bort julbelysningen. De har inte haft belysning i detta träd tidigare, så förmodligen har de glömt den kvar.

Have a great Friday. Today I learned there’s still some good in the world.

Ha en underbar fredag. Idag kunde jag genom små händelser återfå hoppet om att en god värld kan vinna över dess motsats.


What a difference a week makes

Last weekend

This weekend

Last weekend

This weekend

The winter wonderland sure is beautiful but the greyish picture is closer to Spring so I like them better even if they are grey.

What do you think?


Spring dreams

I hope Spring will come soon


Kayak river

I think this is a nice view. Three kayaks near water. Makes me wish it was Spring again soon.

Yes its pure daylight in Sweden in November. Not very light daylight 😉

But very soon it’s time for Christmas lights and then it gets a little more lighten up.

And after that it’s not long til winter solstice and after that it’s almost Spring 🙂



Color explosion!

What can I say more than I really like tulips 😉