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Trosa en vinterkväll/Trosa town a winterevening

Trosa town in twilight from an island outside the harbour. Trosa västra stadsfjärd sett utifrån Edanö. Lite Reinhold Ljunggren över den ödesmättade skymningen. Anna

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Seagulls echoes

A sure sign of spring in my town, we hear clearly along the small river that flows through the city center. Seagulls, who during nesting season moves into town from the archipelago. They make themselves clearly heard and the sound echoes between the houses. They begin their "singing" at four o'clock in the morning and… Continue reading Seagulls echoes

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More about seagulls/Mer om måsar

For some years, they annual returns to the neighbor's chimney. Builds a nest, lay eggs and incubates. When the eggs hatch, it takes a few weeks for the kids to venture down to the ground. The past two years, they have taken the gutter down. After that they live on the ground until they are… Continue reading More about seagulls/Mer om måsar

Pastel paintings

Stadkant 500kr

En rykande färsk pastellmålning. Jag kallar den stadkant. En husrad vid vatten i mörkrets omfamning. Stadkant kallar vi sy-människor annars kanten på tyget. En linje att förhålla sig till vid tillklippning, trådriktning och andra mönsterpassande faktorer. Men en stad vid vatten har också en kant att förhålla sig till. En vattenlinje. En vattenspegel. En stad-kant… Continue reading Stadkant 500kr