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Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

Are you a stas addict? Har du ett statistikberoende? The addiction usually starts in the beginning of blogging without any obvious signs. Beroendet startar vanligen i början av blogglivet utan några tydliga tecken. You get excited over the fact that someone likes your posts. Du känner en kick av att någon faktiskt har gillat ditt… Continue reading Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

Blogging, Digital paintings, drawings, What ever

Follow me Följ mig :)

When I talked to a friend outside the blog world I realized that not everyone knows about the wp app. You can find it here: You don't have to start a blog for using the app. If you want to follow and read blogs, the app gives you a good platform to do that… Continue reading Follow me Följ mig 🙂

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What a difference a day or two make

Heres how my morning stats often look like. This often happens when I don't have time for interacting as much as I want. This morning the stats looked like this. And I have never seen such numbers so early in the morning before. So, if you have low or high numbers in your stat, never… Continue reading What a difference a day or two make