Will I reach a new record? Når jag nytt rekord?

Last years stats. Förra årets statistik. This year so far. Detta år så här långt. Most of you find the blog from wp reader flow. De flesta hittar bloggen via wp-läsaren. The click list. Klicklistan. My favorite part of stats, the flaglist. Min favoritavdelning i statistiken, flaggorna från olika länder. Sist jag kollade hade bloggen… Continue reading Will I reach a new record? Når jag nytt rekord?

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I’m a bad blogger or not?

Stats have humour I say. My stats look like this and I say it's quite ok for this year and previous years too compared to how much time and effort I have been able to give the blog. This year shows around 25000 views. But I read a post over at Jason at HarshReaLiTy and… Continue reading I’m a bad blogger or not?


Down hill stats – skidbackestatistik

This happens when I'm not hanging our here with you blog friends during a couple of days. Det här händer med statistiken när jag inte interagerar med er bloggvänner på några dagar. I have an art project to finish so my blog time is very limited right now. I miss you all, so I will… Continue reading Down hill stats – skidbackestatistik


How on earth did this happen?

Stats are a fun thing. If you blog for increasing stats you might find this interesting. If you blog for fun and meet new nice wp friends then this won't interest you a bit. When you begin  your blog journey the stats are interesting. How many read your blog? From how many countries? What do… Continue reading How on earth did this happen?


How to get a boom milestone

Stats are fun sometimes.  Stay away from blogging couple days and your stats will drop for sure. Then return to blogging and create some posts and then visit some of your friends blogs to read, leave likes and comments. What happens? This A wow milestone until you check the stats A fairly normal blog day… Continue reading How to get a boom milestone