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What’s your favourite milestone?

We're now way over 1900 followers of this blog. We will probably reach 2000 too very soon. The followers increase by a hundred each month if I'm interacting well. I can't just leave the blog or you and believe that curve will continue up. I have to post, answering comments and visit your blogs and… Continue reading What’s your favourite milestone?

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Five years! How did that happen?

And how did these numbers happen? And this stats? But most of all, what amazes me the most, is this map And all the countries on the list that goes with the map A small blog in a corner of Sweden have visitors from so many different countries. I think that is amazing and I… Continue reading Five years! How did that happen?

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From zero to hundred in one day

This morning my stat looked like this After two new posts and one day alomost finished it looks like this Thanks Leslie for reminding me of making this follow up post. So, with no activity from me I sometimes get zero views in my stats. When I start to actually blog again after a zero, the… Continue reading From zero to hundred in one day

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Stats not the only thing that falls

Shoveling snow this evening. Sorry for not being here with you instead. I wasn't around much here yesterday either. The stats clearly show what you think of my absence 😉 I'm not a stats addict, but I miss you all when I don't have time to be here. I hope you all are okay. If… Continue reading Stats not the only thing that falls


We talk a lot

Just look at this number.  18 000 comments! That's from the start a couple of years ago when I learned about interactive blogging. If you want followers, readers amnd people who leave comments you have to do the same back. You can't sit and wait for comments to appear on your blog. You have to… Continue reading We talk a lot

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Not that I’m counting, but…

...but we're almost there One more to go to 1600 followers 😉 Anna

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Funny milestone

I think this is a funny milestone. Number of posts so far on my blog equals number of followers of the blog! Anna

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What does stats tells you?

We are all in some way stats addicts But stats can also tell us something about how we blog This year is almost over, but I can already see that I got more hits than last year I can also see which posts that collected most views. It's interesting in several ways. Some posts I… Continue reading What does stats tells you?

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Can you believe it? 1400 is now the number

...of followers of this blog. You are all amazing and have a part in this blog growing thing. At every new hundred follower mark we have a meet & greet session here. The idea of meet & greet I've learned from Jason at HarshReaLiTy. Tell us about your blog and leave a link if you… Continue reading Can you believe it? 1400 is now the number

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This is what happens when I'm not spending enough time on wp Zero views, but still five likes. Wp stats are amazing unlogic! I hope to get more time here on wp with you all wp friends. I miss you when I'm not here. If you want to improve your blog stats, remember, it's all… Continue reading Zero

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Have I been visiting you?

To interact with blogger means travelling around the world. Can you believe my blog has visitors from 99 countries? It is actually true. In real life I can count my international experiences to a handful of countries, but in the blogworld I now can count to 99 countries. That's amazing! Just look at this stats… Continue reading Have I been visiting you?

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52 009 hits!

How on earth did I get to over 52 000 hits? This is the stat story of my blog: If you don't have this kind of stats yet you should read Jason/OMs blog. He writes much about the way he blog and he has, as Jim says, hunderty billion followers and hits. It's all about… Continue reading 52 009 hits!

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Reading stats the wrong way

   Are you a stats freak or do you not care for such things at all? I'm a bit of both and my interest for stat figures has changed during my blogging time here on wp. At first I was thrilled over the activity in the stats. Some days peaked and others there were almost… Continue reading Reading stats the wrong way

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2015 in review

Hey all wp friends! This is all your doing. Thanks so much for building this blog together with me by your reads, likes, comments, reblogs, linkbacks and all other ways you make this blog active and hopefully also interesting. I'm only on wp and no other social media, so these stats figures are big numbers… Continue reading 2015 in review

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Where you from?

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall write in his posts about the flag stats fascination. You find the countries stats at your admin page. A map and a list with flags and countries. I agree, it's fascinating to see how visitors comes from all over the world to your blog. Maybe just for… Continue reading Where you from?