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Be careful what you wish for!

I have so much delightful fun here with you wp friends. I get so much encouragement from you in my posts and I try as often I can to give back that encouragement to you when I read your posts and answer your comments. I still haven't figure out what to think of the stats.… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for!

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Not a milestone to brag about ;)

We often tell about our great milestones. New hundred followers mark, top notation of likes, comments, post milestones and other great achievements. But how about telling when stats dropping? Not so often ha, but they do for us all time to time. When we're on blogcation, lack of connection, lack of time, missing to unmark… Continue reading Not a milestone to brag about 😉

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Reach over 600 followers without social media

I started this artblog as a showroom for my artwork. At first I thought the blog could reach my local "artfans" only, and I was satisfied by that. But then I noticed that others outside my little local area visited my blog and liked my artwork. I got a little more "greedy" for visitors and… Continue reading Reach over 600 followers without social media

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Two more followers and then…

...we're totally 600 followers of this blog. When the stats shows the magic 600 there's time for a new meet and greet, I think. Hopefully I will be back soon with such post 🙂 Anna

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Stats dilemma

What do you get out of your blog statistics? I can understand the follower number. That's the easy post. Either you have followers or you don't. I can also understand the country counts fairly. I can see that people from many countries visiting my blog. And I can see which country who is topping the… Continue reading Stats dilemma

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How do I manage to… in IT-era when I'm from the Digital stoneage? I'm halfway to 300 followers right now. Recently I reached 200. My stats tells me I follow more than 400 hundred blogs and I have about 250 followers. I've also notice that activity on other blogs catches new followers to my blog. Part from trying to… Continue reading How do I manage to…

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We’re now over 400!

How did that happen? I didn't do it by my self, that much I know. During the time between 300 and 400 I haven't search for new blogs to follow and by that catch one or two new followers back. Instead I have written new posts, repost old post and visit other followers blogs and… Continue reading We’re now over 400!

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Changed my mind

I have a confession to make. Numbers have effect on me. I didn't thought they have, but they sure do. Every view or un-view, every like or no like, every comment or no comment counts. When I read OMs number and stats post I often think - am I the same or do I think… Continue reading Changed my mind

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Almost there…

 ...295 followers. Who will help me reach the magic 300? Anna  

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Is it just me?

Is it just me, or have anyone of you in WP community noticed a lower activity in your stats these last days OMs been away from HarsHReaLiTy?I understand WP has an issue with the high activity OMs making. But when they try to limit his activity I think it effect us all. His activity is spreading… Continue reading Is it just me?