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You bring the sun out

We passed solstice recently and already we can see a change. The sun still comes up late and goes down early, but it is a small change. It's a relief. Here's what nature does with some small rocks placed upon each other by humans. A tiny little stone figure watch the sunrise. Nature do magic… Continue reading You bring the sun out

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#Inktober 2016 #inktober 8 Rock

I'm behind schedule but here's #8 prompt on #inktober 2016 Rock/Anna

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E.T. is back?

A couple of years ago I found an E.T. stone. It was shaped as his head. I tried do put some color on the stone to make it look even more like him. Since then he has a place in our garden by the sea, keeping his eyes on us. He's out all year long,… Continue reading E.T. is back?

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Why are you so nice to me?

I often get that question, when I'm nice to people. The question implies that it's an effort to be nice. Or that I give something up, when I'm nice to any one. It implies that niceness can't be free. But it is free to be nice. It's very easy to be nice to people. It's… Continue reading Why are you so nice to me?

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Heart of stone?

It's okay when stones shapes hearts. But when humans turn their hearts into stones. Then it's not okay, or is it? Att stenar formar sig till hjärtan har jag inget emot, men när vi människor formar våra hjärtan till sten, då börjar jag fundera på om vi gör rätt. Anna   

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Pink elephant/Rosa elefant

One day I found a rock that looked like a pink elephant. Well, I thought, I picked it up and see if I could paint the stone so it looked even more like an elephant. The stone was pinkish, so I didn't have to use much color at all. Just some lines and shadows here… Continue reading Pink elephant/Rosa elefant

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My watchdog :)

Paint on rocks are fun. This was tricky, but the stone turned out to be a dog finally.  Anna    Wolfgang

Time hunting

Time stand still/Tiden står stilla

Like an prehistorical rock on the beach, like those we have in Sweden on the island Gotland, the time standing still sometimes. Or at least we can feel that way. Time does move forward though, but still it's there all the time anyway. It's hard to understand really. Or is time just an invention of… Continue reading Time stand still/Tiden står stilla