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Clouds and rain

The other day a big cloud came up for the first time for many weeks of blue skies and heat temps around 30 C. We normally have around 20 C. Yesterday more clouds visible and a little raining and far away thunder and lightning. Today rain came for a little while. After an hour it… Continue reading Clouds and rain

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Clouds Moln

Unusual sight nowadays. Clouds. But when they come up over sea they vanished. No rain in sight and 30 degree C in shadow. Normal summer temps for us is around 20 C. Några moln dök upp igår men skärgårdsluften löste upp dem. Inget regn, men vi slapp också åska tack och lov. How's your weather?… Continue reading Clouds Moln

Nature miracles, Photographs

Long time no seing 

I morse fick jag syn på denna vinbärssnäcka. Det var länge sedan vi såg sniglar och snäckor här. Kanske har den mer fuktiga luften givit dem en mer gynnsam tillvaro igen. This morning I saw this little friend for the first time after long dry and hot weeks. Now it's still hot but more humid.… Continue reading Long time no seing 

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Svingelgräsfjäril – Lasiommata Megera

Over at Ankis blog we talk about butterflies. They aren't so many in the heat and dryness we have in Sweden right  now. But I saw two of these today, but only one got stuck on picture. Anna


Morning drawings Morgonteckningar July 26-27 2018

I have found a peaceful way of make drawings that I hope will be a habit. I've only tried it for two days but I really like to get up early in the morning, get outside and draw something the very first thing I do before the world around me wakes up. Jag har hittat… Continue reading Morning drawings Morgonteckningar July 26-27 2018

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Cake week – tårtvecka in Sweden

This week is called womens week in Sweden. Everyday has a womans name in the calendar. One tradition about this week is baking cakes everyday. I failed to do that this year. It's too warm for baking cakes right now. But today I actually managed to bake a cake and it tasted good. Fruntimmersveckan betyder… Continue reading Cake week – tårtvecka in Sweden

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Still early morning light in Sweden 4:25

Best thing about summer. Early sunrises. Can you tell the difference between the picture above taken at 4:25 in the morning and  the picture taken 21:00 in the evening? It is almost the same, isn't it? This time of year I like very much 🙂 Anna

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Spring and the Summer

Jim gave me this video as an answer in a talk at his blog. So I answered with this one That means the Spring/Summer song search is on. If you have a Spring or Summer song you like to share. Leave the link in the comments. I bet Leslie have a Spring song.… Continue reading Spring and the Summer

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Midsummer in Sweden

This weekend it's Midsummer holiday in Sweden. So I wish you all a happy Midsummer with this and this Dreamweather for this holiday is sun, warm days and nights. But this is what we've got most of so far. Not much rain though. Anna

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Collage making – gör ett collage

Find some friends of yours. Invite them for tea and smorgas. Have a nice time around the table and then after the teabreak suggest them that you all make a theme art piece. The theme could be Swedish summer or something else. Find some old magazines that you're done with, glue and some pieces of… Continue reading Collage making – gör ett collage

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Kayak water

Soon I hope I get time for some kayaking.  This is also why I'm fighting for nature. Can you imagine that some people wants to destroy archipelago life?  It's heaven on earth, still some think they can improve it by exploitation. I like the archipelago just the way it is. Everyday we can watch many… Continue reading Kayak water

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Lilacs in rain – Syrener i regn

Lilac time is a beautiful season in Sweden. It doesn't matter if it rains or the sun is shining. They are so lovely in every weather. I did this drawing on ipad a couple of years ago. I didn't quite remembered how the lilacs looked but I gave it a try without checking out a… Continue reading Lilacs in rain – Syrener i regn

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Summer is here

Summer is here and I am not built for this heat. Some of you will probably think that our heat is not heat, but for me it is. I can't think, my brain is melting and I think all of me melting away completely. And it's only 28 C inside and in the shaddow. Out… Continue reading Summer is here

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Transformation tree

Apple trees are great transformers! They are so beautiful all year around, but each season has different beauty. Anna


Sailboat season starts

Today I saw a red sailboat with white sails in the afternoon sun. So beautiful and the longing for a warmer and brighter season grew stronger. The Spring sun is warm but the winds are still cold. Not warm spring or summer yet. My interpretation of the boat. I paint on rock with chalk crayons.… Continue reading Sailboat season starts