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To fast for me! För snabb för mig!

Old drawing but still true 🙂 Gammal teckning men fortfarande sann. Have a great start of a new week. Ha en bra start på nya veckan. Anna

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It’s here again – The White Wagtail

Today I saw the first white wagtail this year. That's a big Spring sign. They always arrive early April and this year is no different. It feels good that some good things stays the same. I did a drawing of the white wagtail last year, so here it is again. I hope you all have… Continue reading It’s here again – The White Wagtail

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Sunday wp pub – subject Home

Welcome to my p pub. It's open around the clock and not just Sundays, so feel free to stop by whenever your around this block. This time I think about Home. What is home to you? Is it a place, a feeling, a family, friends or something else you feel like Home with? I haven't… Continue reading Sunday wp pub – subject Home

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Sunday wp pub – subject friends

So here we are again, at Sunday wp pub. The first opening was a success I tell ya! So many talks and so many friends stopping by. I relly appreciate you all coming. Now it's time again and this time I will also be away for a while, hopefully not for long. It's bedtime around… Continue reading Sunday wp pub – subject friends

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Sunday May 29 Mothers Day in Sweden

Hey, all of you who know mothers. Celebrate them on the Swedish Mothers Day May 29. They are worth celebrating, because they gave us all life. Never mind what they did after that. Just celebrate them for that. Giving you life. After that almost anyone else can keep you alive, raise you and give you… Continue reading Sunday May 29 Mothers Day in Sweden

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Pling Sunday evenings

I almost always know when it's Sunday afternoon and evening. Then my ipad starts to go pling, pling, pling.....pling, pling and so on with much more intense than in mornings.  My stats shows that Sunday evenings collects a lot of views. If I had post something new and not just repost an old post. That… Continue reading Pling Sunday evenings

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Trosa walk

   Trosa river or maybe creek a Sunday afternoon    Upstreams    And some steps further upstreams If you've been a tourist in Trosa, you probably walked this way 🙂 Anna

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Art Sunday #60: Gosta Adrian-Nilsson – Acrobats in Paris

Over at Jims blog you can read about a Swedish artist who did great paintings.Visit the original post to read more and leave comments. Jim has great art posts every Sunday/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

acrobats-in-paris-1924Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (2 April 1884 in Lund – 29 Mars 1965 in Stockholm), usually referred to as GAN, was a Swedish artist and writer. He is regarded as a pioneer of the Swedish modernist art movement.

GAN debuted as an artist 1907 with an exhibition at the Art Museum of the University of Lund. After studies at Zahrtmann’s School in Copenhagen, he traveled year 1914 to Berlin to study modernism. Through the writer Herwarth Walden’s gallery Der Sturm he came in contact with the contemporary art movements. Both Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc were of huge importance when he began developing a semi-abstract style with deep, vibrant colors, an own style of expressive cubism. He was fascinated by modern technology and masculine strength, which was reflected in his artistic works.


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