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Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

I grew up in the seventies and in Sweden that ment two things. This man stopped Sweden when TV broadcasted his down hill races. Everyone watched and wanted him to win. He won a lot. After his races the days could go back to normal again. Of course I got a puzzle like many other… Continue reading Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!


Ta en SUP – Take a shot

Today I saw something unusual for the season. We're in the middle of winter. Water is about 4 C. The sea is blank. Almost no wind. Would your first idea be to take a SUP (stand up paddling) tour on the water? I say brrrr! But one man obviously did think the tour was a… Continue reading Ta en SUP – Take a shot

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My new favorite album – mitt nya favoritalbum

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3-glZWq3B4 At Garvaregården i Trosa I listened to a folk music group called Tradpunkt. They find old tunes and make them sounds like they should sound in our days. Two of them (the twins in the picture) comes from my town Trosa. All three of them are very talented musicians. They released their first album… Continue reading My new favorite album – mitt nya favoritalbum

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Nice place in Trosa Sweden – Trevligt ställe i Trosa

På Garvaregården i Trosa går det i sommar att hitta gott att äta och fika, titta på Trosakonst och gå på museum och ta del av Troas historia. Här andas fortfarande den småskaliga idyllen och årets cafeinnehavare sprider trivsamhet på gården. De har också en sommarteater några dagar i veckan. At Garvaregården, old place in Trosa… Continue reading Nice place in Trosa Sweden – Trevligt ställe i Trosa

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The great dictator – Diktatorn

Yesterday we had movie evening at Lagnö Studio, a nice hostel place outside Trosa city. Igår hade vi fimkväll på Lagnö Studio, ett trevligt STF vandrarhem utanför Trosa stad. The view from the hostel. Magnificent or what? Utsikten från vandrarhemmet. Vackert eller hur? We showed the Chaplin movie The great dictator from 1940. Afterwards the… Continue reading The great dictator – Diktatorn

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TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2019

Friday evening, the day before the start. Fredag kväll. Dagen före start. It's that time of year again. Trosa ultra backyard starts tomorrow May 4 at 10.00 and the one who wins will probably run until Monday early morning. It's unbelievable how anyone can cope running that long both in kilometers and time. They run… Continue reading TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2019


Osynliga länkar – invisible links Selma Lagerlöf

Jag fick av en bekant en radda böcker av Selma Lagerlöf. Jag har kommit till nummer två i samlingen. Osynliga länkar. Den kom ut 1894, men historierna i den skulle lika gärna kunna utspela sig i nutid. Hon gör intressanta betraktelser av oss människor. Roande läsning. I got some books from a friend a while… Continue reading Osynliga länkar – invisible links Selma Lagerlöf

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Save Trosa nature poster

At https://www.skrivunder.com/avbryt_infart_vastra_trosa you can help saving nature in Sweden around the little idyllic town Trosa. Here´s our poster for the issue. We have many tourists from all over the world in Trosa so we made an international poster 🙂 We are very happy and grateful if you want to sign the petition. Many already have… Continue reading Save Trosa nature poster

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Kayak evening – kajaker i skymning

When I was thinking it's time to sleep I saw these two kayakers out at sea the other night. När jag började tänka  på läggdagstid härom kvällen fick jag syn på dessa paddlare.  A perfect kayak evening. No big waves and nature silence. Peaceful. En perfekt kajakkväll. Spegelblankt vatten och naturens underbara tystnad. Fridfullt. Anna

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Trosa lands kyrka church St Annas konsthall

Today I catched the last day of an exhibition at Trosa land church. You can see the art here: https://www.konsthallenstanna.com/rets-utstllningar/ Idag hade utställningen i St Annas konsthall sin sista dag och jag passade på att besöka utställningen. På denna länk kan ni se delar av utställningen: https://www.konsthallenstanna.com/rets-utstllningar/ Here's some photos of the old church. The… Continue reading Trosa lands kyrka church St Annas konsthall

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Long time no seing 

I morse fick jag syn på denna vinbärssnäcka. Det var länge sedan vi såg sniglar och snäckor här. Kanske har den mer fuktiga luften givit dem en mer gynnsam tillvaro igen. This morning I saw this little friend for the first time after long dry and hot weeks. Now it's still hot but more humid.… Continue reading Long time no seing 


Resan till Thule – The Trip To thule

Kjell Espmark har skrivit om ett intressant besök i landet Thule, detta märkliga fiktiva land i norr, som har slående likheter med ett Sverige i nutid. Satirformen gör sig mycket bra för att berätta om det vetenskapliga besök historiens huvudperson gör i landet. Nyttig läsning om vi vill få perspektiv på vår egen tillvaro och… Continue reading Resan till Thule – The Trip To thule

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Svingelgräsfjäril – Lasiommata Megera

Over at Ankis blog we talk about butterflies. They aren't so many in the heat and dryness we have in Sweden right  now. But I saw two of these today, but only one got stuck on picture. Anna

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Is it too much? Tar jag i för mycket?

I got an image in my head a while ago and the other day Rajiv left a comment in one of my post telling they had 49 C and that was a near death experience. Here in Sweden we wining when temps are 30 C, we're use to ten C less on the scale normal… Continue reading Is it too much? Tar jag i för mycket?

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Still early morning light in Sweden 4:25

Best thing about summer. Early sunrises. Can you tell the difference between the picture above taken at 4:25 in the morning and  the picture taken 21:00 in the evening? It is almost the same, isn't it? This time of year I like very much 🙂 Anna