Be the unique you

We’re writing the year 2018 and we still don’t get that we are all alike. We are all just expressing ourselves in the ways we find is possible for us. For far too many people that still means you’re different if you don’t express your self like “normal” people. I don’t get it. The most boring thing there is, is when people act like expected and like most people. The most interesting thing is when people break patterns and do the unexpected and expose their uniqueness in good ways.

That’s when the magic happens.

In Sweden we have a chance to see some of the unexpected acting dare to be unique people in a tv show called Lerins lärljungar (Lerins pupils).

Might not be available for those of you who read this outside of Sweden. Your country tv stations should buy this show from Swedish television.

The famous Swedish aquarelle painter Lars Lerin having an art school for aspies, autistics, Down’s syndromes and some others with special talents.
It’s lovely to see these creative people with warm hearts big as universe and very clever minds. We should learn a lot from them and the world would be a much nicer world for all of us.

They show what happens when we let people to be what they are and let them express themselves in they way that suits them. So far we have been able to watch four episodes and it’s amazing to see goodness in people. It’s so inspiring.

In the blogsphere we also find this kind and wise people, that I always learn a lot from. For example at aspiblog and The silent wave.

What I wanna say is that we should stop putting labels on people and try to force expressing rules on them and ourselves. We all need to feel we can express ourselves in ways that’s suits us without being questioned all the time. There’s no right or wrong in the way of how to create and be the unique you.

Is it possible for us to accept the challenge – to accept people for what they are and allow all to be the unique person everyone already is?

I say yes – it is possible!


Feel free to use this piece of art if you join the challenge 🙂


December 31 2017

Last drawing diary for 2017 and the beginning of 2018 starts soon. In futher posts I will explain in words what I want to say with this drawing.

But for now until then…


Thank for a great blogging year again 🙂


December 13 2017 S:t Lucy’s day in Sweden

Today Sweden celebrate an old tradition called S:t Lucy’s Day. In Swedish Lucia Day.

The celebration can be like this

Luciamorgon i Kungsholms kyrka

Or in a very small version, but the same songs

This is from a Swedish TV advent calendar in the 80’s. 

Besides the singing the saffron buns and gingerbread snaps is a must on Lucia Day.

And of course I have a drawing of Lucia

Happy Lucia Day to all of you 🙂


December 9 2017 Anna Day :)

Today it’s Anna Day in Sweden. You can read more about Christmas traditions on Anna Day here, if you find out how to translate the Swedish text.

The tradition says the Anna day is the time to start preparing the lutefisk and it’s also the day for Christmas beer brewing. These days I think most people buy prepared lutefisk and don’t brew their own Christmas beer. Many doesn’t even eat lutefisk today, so it’s old traditions. Though they still live in the meaning I get to hear every Anna Day that it’s time for the lutefisk work.

But I got something much tastier today 🙂

Chocolate cake! Yummy!


December 2 2017 make a Christmas goat

Last year we got a Christmas goat from a friend. We saved the skeleton and dressed the goat with new fir twigs skin today. So now we got a Christmas goat this year too. Or is ot a Christmas dog? The body, the legs and the nose reminds of a dog looking creature in some angels. 

And the Swedish Christmas song today is also one of our classic Christmas songs. 

Jul, jul, strålande jul is in English Christmas, Christmas, shining Christmas. 


All the people

I’m an old fashion iPod listener and all of a sudden there it was. In the random flow of my music library. Just the song I needed to hear today.

A Swedish artist, Stephen Simmonds, All the people 

And the pictures I need today is 

We need to take better care of mother Earth. Would you treat your mother like we treat Mother Earth?

And this picture really shows what I feel today 

Unfortunately not enough people hear my cry out in the universe. Those people who really are in a position and have obligations to protect nature are doing this instead

I did this drawing in January this year and sadly it’s become even truer today.

Authority people in Sweden is more interested in protect themselves and their colleagues than protecting nature. It’s very sad and it breaks my heart to learn that my country is corrupt. We brag abroad about how non corrupted we are. That’s no longer true. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up trying to save nature. If people thinks money in their own pocket first will save them, well let them believe that.

I believe in nature and the goodness and wiseness in people. Truth, honesty and the love of nature will still lead my way through life. 

I’m lucky to have so many good people around me, including all of you reading my blog. You give me strength to still believe in goodness. 

Thanks for being here with me 🙂


Vitalismålningen – the Vitalis painting by Ljunggren

This is a photo of a wall painting by Reinhold Ljunggren a painter from the 1900’s who lived in Trosa for a while and painted lots of Trosa houses and landscapes. But he also did this big painting. It’s a wall in one of the schools in Trosa, Vitalisskolan that have this beautiful painting.

In the picture you see the famous lighthouse outside Trosa city called Christmas lighthouse (Julaftons fyr), the old school that someone tragically burned down long time ago, the church bell tower and the Tureholm castle.

I really like this painting. I saw it almost everyday in myschool days, hundred years ago, but I still remember it and the painting is great inspiration.

Den här bilden visar en väggmålning som Trosamålaren Reinhold Ljunggren gjorde när Vitalisskolan i Trosa byggdes. Den fyller en hel vägg i matsalen. På den kan vi se Julaftons fyr, gamla skolan som sorgligt nog någon brände ner, klockstapeln vid Trosa kyrka och Tureholms slott.

 Jag såg den här väggen varje dag för hundra åt sedan när jag gick i den skolan. Bilden ligger fortfarande kvar tydligt i minnet och inspirerar mig fortfarande väldigt mycket.


A wonderful gift

The other day a friend gave me old books no longer in use. They’re from the beginning of 1900 century and written by the first woman Nobel Prize winner in literature Selma Lagerlöf. I read some of her books before, but now I have plenty more to read. She was a good writer and it’s very interesting to dive in the Swedish 1800-1900 centuries even if it is fiction. Her books gives us an idea of how it was back then. Her book is based on true stories, so it’s learning to read the books.

One of the stories is about the time when many Swedes moved to Jerusalem because of their faith. Many moved to America too, but some took the way to Jerusalem instead.

So now all I have to find is time to read these books. They are over hundred years old. Imagine that. The wings of history sings when I open the books.

I think her books are translated to other languages, so if you find her books somewhere near you and in your language, take the chance to read a book or two.


Fall in Trosa river

In the evening at Trosa river in the town Trosa it looks like this 

The leave’s falling and the lonely boat waiting for the last tour on sea or to be taken out of the water for winter maybe. 

Soon it’s Spring again, don’t you think?


Bläcksvamp – Lawyer’s wig

This is actually the same fungus but at different stages.

They start by looking like the little one in the front of the picture. Then they go like the one behind the little one. A few days later they look like this:

In Swedish we call them ink fungus, but the English name Lawyer’s wig are so much more fun 🙂


Cinnamon bun day October 4 2017

Kanelbulle/cinnamon bun (pastell/pastel) 100 sek

Today is a gret day in Sweden. It’s cinnamon bun day.

I eat two homemade buns today and they tasted very good. I like this day a lot 😉


Something dark about the Fall

Fall in Sweden means dark mornings

It’s difficult to believe it’s time to get up when it looks like night outside.

In Summer the light is almost there all the time. Then you don’t know when to go to sleep. Now you don’t know when to wake up.

I like the season changes, but the light gone so many hours a day in Fall and winter, well that’s take time to adjust to.

Have a great day!


Funny hat

Today I suddenly saw what a funny label my sun hat has

Maybe we Swedes still have some viking hooligan blood in us 😉

But I have to disappoint you. I just put on the hat and sat down in shadow reading the newspaper. No hooligan acting at all, hehehe


Can you give me some favourite movies?

Right outside Trosa city there’s a wonderful place called Lagnö gård. At that place there’s a hostel Lagnö Studio and also a mini cinema where guests at the hostel and those who live in the area can watch movies every two weeks in Winter and Spring.

I have become a little helper at that mini cinema and now it’s time to find some good films to show during the coming winter.

Do you have any suggestions of good films that we can show to the audience?

We show both Swedish and foreign movies, so every suggestions is interesting.


Nynäs slott Nynäs castle

I Went South of Trosa to Nynäs castle the other day. Here´s some Pictures.