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Still early morning light in Sweden 4:25

Best thing about summer. Early sunrises. Can you tell the difference between the picture above taken at 4:25 in the morning and  the picture taken 21:00 in the evening? It is almost the same, isn't it? This time of year I like very much 🙂 Anna


Still bright evenings in Sweden at 21:00

This time is the best of the year. No dark evenings, no cold weather and the s word is far away. But when Fall comes I like that season too even if it means dark evenings. What's your favorite season? Anna

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Prep for June 6 2018

Tomorrow it's the National Day in Sweden. So I did some Swedish flag cookies today. Our flag looks like this 🇸🇪 and my cookies look like this I could have used more blueberries in the blue parts, but this was the first time I tried to make flag cookies. So I practice and learn to… Continue reading Prep for June 6 2018

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Snatteränder – Gadwalls

This year I discovered a new kind of ducks around our place in archipelago. It's not the usual mallards that use to be around. They're similar to mallards but this is gadwalls. I år har jag upptäckt en ny sorts and i vårt område i skärgården. Vanligvis simmar gräsänder omkring i viken, men detta är… Continue reading Snatteränder – Gadwalls

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Trosa Ultra Backyard lap 1-9 2018

The Trosa Ultra Backyard race started at 10 this morning April 28 and it´s still going on. In the morning it was 200 runners and after 8 laps there were a little more than 100 runners still running. You can read more about the race here: It´s so fun to follow this race. They… Continue reading Trosa Ultra Backyard lap 1-9 2018

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Trosa Ultra Backyard 2018

Förra året dök det upp massor av löpare längs Trosas ågator och nu är det dags igen. Den 28 april går starten i Trosa Ultra Backyard. Loppet pågår i mer ön ett dygn om det finns löpare som klarar mer än 24 varv. Last year a lot of runners showed up on the streets in… Continue reading Trosa Ultra Backyard 2018


Spring greetings from Sweden

Finally the Spring arrived. We think. Spring sun makes beautiful colors. No more icky bad white stuff and the light is back 🙂 Anna

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17:22 March 15 2018

Spring is not on its way yet obviously. No it's nothing wrong with the cam. It's coming icky bad white stuff down from sky. It is white out there. No sunshine in sight at all. Back to winter. Anna

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16:30 March 15 2018

Light's coming back up here in cold Sweden. It was -8C this morning. In the afternoon it was a bit warmer thanks to sun. Then it was only -2C. Maybe Spring will come this year too. Anna

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Vasaloppet Sweden 2018

I know what I'm doing this Sunday morning. No I'm not participating in Vasaloppet, the biggest ski race in Sweden. But I do watch the start and rest of the race on TV. It's a race where professionals and amateurs race together. The start is something unique. Thousands of racers start and release so… Continue reading Vasaloppet Sweden 2018

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Be the unique you

We're writing the year 2018 and we still don't get that we are all alike. We are all just expressing ourselves in the ways we find is possible for us. For far too many people that still means you're different if you don't express your self like "normal" people. I don't get it. The most… Continue reading Be the unique you

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December 31 2017

Last drawing diary for 2017 and the beginning of 2018 starts soon. In futher posts I will explain in words what I want to say with this drawing. But for now until then... HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL OF YOU! Thank for a great blogging year again 🙂 Anna

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December 13 2017 S:t Lucy’s day in Sweden

Today Sweden celebrate an old tradition called S:t Lucy's Day. In Swedish Lucia Day. The celebration can be like this Luciamorgon i Kungsholms kyrka Or in a very small version, but the same songs This is from a Swedish TV advent calendar in the 80's.  Besides the singing the saffron buns and gingerbread… Continue reading December 13 2017 S:t Lucy’s day in Sweden

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December 9 2017 Anna Day :)

Today it's Anna Day in Sweden. You can read more about Christmas traditions on Anna Day here, if you find out how to translate the Swedish text. The tradition says the Anna day is the time to start preparing the lutefisk and it's also the day for Christmas beer brewing. These days I think most… Continue reading December 9 2017 Anna Day 🙂

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December 2 2017 make a Christmas goat

Last year we got a Christmas goat from a friend. We saved the skeleton and dressed the goat with new fir twigs skin today. So now we got a Christmas goat this year too. Or is ot a Christmas dog? The body, the legs and the nose reminds of a dog looking creature in some… Continue reading December 2 2017 make a Christmas goat