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#inktober 27 – snack

In Swedish snack means talk but we have also the meaning eating snack. Swedish word for word is ORD. So I did a drawing of a snack who's talking 😀 Tomorrow it's a new prompt challenge. Camping. Anna

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I like flag stats :)

Just look at the flags from all kinds of corner of the world. How it can be corners of a spherical world is beyond my understanding, but anyway.  I think it's amazing that we can exchange knowledge, experience and also have so much nice talks in one place like wp and still come from so… Continue reading I like flag stats 🙂


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I’m sorry!

Today I found several comments that I have left unanswered.  That was not my intention. I try to answer all comments. I blame wp for not showing all comments in the notifications.  I'm deeply sorry. I try to check comments as often as I can, still some comments seems to play hide and seek. I… Continue reading I’m sorry!