Water color winter

Found an old painting I did twenty years ago. Anna

Challenges, Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Charity painting

NinnaO asked about the painting behind the Spring exhibition poster in a previous post. This is the poster for the Spring exhibition in Trosa 2016 The painting in the background were made during the Spring exhibition 2015. The people who arranges culture events in Trosa collected autographs from the music artists,actors and authors who visited… Continue reading Charity painting

Trafic signs/Trafikskyltar i fantasin, What ever


We all need a cuddle or two sometimes. Of joy, sadness, loneliness, fellowship, comfort, encouragement. One moment closeness that provides charitable support. It costs so little to share just that. But does so infinitely more than we might think. This edict sign would recall it. To embrace each other. Have a good day and you… Continue reading EMBRACE ONE ANOTHER

Time hunting

The time spirit/Tidsandan

  What if time is a spirit locked in a lamp? Do we set him/her free when we are born? Can we make lifelong wishes? I don't know, but I hope so. Maybe we have to make our wishes come true our selves, but anyway. I think is a nice thought 🙂 Anna

Pastel paintings, What ever

Cinnamon bum day/Kanelbullens dag 4 oktober

In Sweden we celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day October 4th. Celebrate by baking your own and invite some friends for coffee. Or go out on the town and grab a coffee cafe with the variant of "homemade" cinnamon buns. Or set with a Cinnamon bun party for everyone you know. A bun or two makes most… Continue reading Cinnamon bum day/Kanelbullens dag 4 oktober