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Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar #inktober 2018 29-31

#inktober 29 DOUBLE  As a tennisplayer the word double means a good game of tennis with good friends. Som tennisspelare betyder ordet dubbel en rolig stunds spelande med goda vänner. #inktober 30 JOLT The ball theme continues. Bolltemat fortsätter med en studsande bild. #inktober 31 SLICE Again, as a tennis player the word slice means… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar #inktober 2018 29-31

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What game era are you from?

One of Dannys funny posts got me remembering the good old days when I was young(er). So, that got me thinking. We probably all have some game memories from different stages of our lives. I remember the really big kids haven the Commdore 64 games. We were to young to get such devices. But I… Continue reading What game era are you from?

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One more tennis ball

This tennis ball is a cake I got one of my birthdays, from a friend who baked the cake. Anna

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Tennis ball

Had a lovely early spring day yesterday. First time for outdoor tennis for the season. The season normaly starts in april/may here. Of course I've painted a tennis ball. I used pastels in this picture. Tried to get the tennis ball in motion.Hope you all have lovely days most of the time and not the other… Continue reading Tennis ball

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I väntan på våren, barmark och öppna ytor för till exempel tennisbanor kommer här en pastelltavla. Ni, som någon gång fått känna hur en tennisboll tar tag i senorna i en racket och sedan slungar sig i väg på nytt, känner säkert igen bollens rörelse i bilden. För er andra kanske bilden kan roa för… Continue reading Tennisboll