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Six more views and we have a new record

We're now at 263 views and the latest record is 268, so I think we're gonna set a new record today 🙂 This is your doing, not mine alone. It's a combination of number of posts in one day, the help from friends that link to the blog and my self interacting by visit, liking… Continue reading Six more views and we have a new record


Three more…

...and then we are at 1700! This numbers are beyond belief and it's all your doing. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for all good constantly ongoing talks. I learn new things everyday and get so much support from you. Other things in life have been stolen far too much time from blogging time… Continue reading Three more…

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Thank you all for caring for Trosa nature

Do you know what you've done to my post Where the eagles fly? Vet ni om vad ni har gjort med mitt inlägg Låt örnen flyga? You have shared this post more than any other post on this blog ever. Ni har delat det här inlägget mer än något annat inlägg på denna blogg. Just… Continue reading Thank you all for caring for Trosa nature

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You never get me tired This blogfriends thing suits me very well. I can interact with you when ever I feel like it. I can choose all by my self how long my visit by your place's gonna be. When I come back and when I leave. I can take my time to think about… Continue reading Friends

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Meet & Greet at 1000!

I don't know how it happened, but we're now 1000 followers here with the email-followers.  That means Meet and Greet celebration. Leave your link in the comment and feel free to tell us about your blog and maybe also why you follow this blog and how you found it. You are all welcome to promote… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 1000!

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Thank you

Today I had a day of constant gratefulness from people. What great gifts people give you when they say thank you and mean it from the bottom of their souls. All I do to get such great gifts is to be nice and helpful when I can help. It's as simple as that. And of… Continue reading Thank you


Love maps!

Take a look at this map. I did a screenshot from my 2015 stats. Visitors from 99 countries did this beautiful colored map. Thank you all for that! I thinks it's amazing that we can reach almost all over the world with our words and images. And to that, we can actually write and talk… Continue reading Love maps!

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Thank you all wp friends for nominations to all kinds of awards. I haven´t time to answer them that often, so here´s a thank you for the nominations I got during 2015. 20150414 Mboki_m 20150509 Barb knowles Versatile Blogger Award 20150518 Rainefairy The Versatile Blog Award 20150525 rameshwariramkrishnan The Sunshine Award… Continue reading THANK YOU!

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Meet & Greet at 800!

We are now over 800 followers of Annas Art FärgaregårdsAnna. That's amazingly many, I think. It's time for a new meet & greet session. Leave your link to your blog and/or blogs you want to tell other readers about in the comments. You don't have to do anything more than leaving a link and some… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 800!

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Word creative workshop

How many times do you answer all nice comments with "thanks, thank you, thank you very much"? Of course we all want to say big thank you:s to every wp-friend that expresses their liking of your posts. But sometimes when I try to figure out something more to say than thank you, I get stuck.… Continue reading Word creative workshop

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What have I done to deserve this? Meet&greetpost

You may not believe it. But now we are over 700 following this blog! Amazing. I just write and show my art and visit your blogs, like and comment posts and liking comments. That's all there is. I'm not on social media. Just WP. Still over 700 found my blog. You are all very welcome.… Continue reading What have I done to deserve this? Meet&greetpost

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Meet and greet at 500!

We've now reached 500 followers on this blog. I say WE because all of you is a part of this journey. Lets celebrate with a cake and a meet and greet session. Tell us about your blog in the comments and visit others who do the same. Don't hesitate, feel free to promote your blog.… Continue reading Meet and greet at 500!

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Thank you all…

...for feeding my brain with such interesting thoughts. When I, in a couple of months, get more painting time, you probably will notice the inspiration I get from you, in new pictures and drawings. I cant wait! But I have to. In the mean time, I show you a lot of "old" paintings and some… Continue reading Thank you all…