Trafic signs/Trafikskyltar i fantasin

What’s on your mind – vad funderar du över?

Do you take time for your thinking? Or do you rush through your life without thinking? Stannar du upp för att tänka efter då och då? Eller rusar du genom livet utan att tänka efter? I'm doing both. I try to take time to stop and think things through, but the also rush through life… Continue reading What’s on your mind – vad funderar du över?

Time hunting

Playing with time/Leka med tiden

Time is a fragile thing very often. Like an egg maybe. We balance the time as gentle as we can. Or do we really? Maybe we're sometimes forget how easy time can crush in thousands of pieces. Maybe we forget to take it easy with time, maybe we rush to much and forget taking care… Continue reading Playing with time/Leka med tiden

Reuse art, What ever

Ladder of life

   Watercolors on re-used cardboard. I did the background first and then I got the idea of making a big ladder with tiny people climbing on it. What do you think? Anna

oil paintings, What ever

You and me

I found a painting in my "not yet finished" work corner. I suddenly noticed that it was finished. To people with different hight, age or something else that differ them. But I think they have a soulmate thing between them. Maybe you see something else in the painting. Let us all know if you want… Continue reading You and me

Blogging, Digital paintings, drawings, Introvert/extrovert/HSP, What ever

Who is the biggest?

We sometimes divide people into introvert and extrovert groups. Most of us are a little bit of both, others are more introvert than extrovert and vice versa. But, which of these groups takes more space than the other? Or do we give both groups equal space? I drew a simple picture based on this issue… Continue reading Who is the biggest?

Trafic signs/Trafikskyltar i fantasin

Sign posts for life/vägskyltar för livet

Stop and think through/stanna upp och tänk igenom Max speed/högsta tillåtna hastighet 5 km/h Dream on/fortsätt att drömma Use your brain/använd din hjärna Take care of each other/ta hand om varandra Let love flow from your purse instead of money/låt kärlek flöda från din börs istället för pengar Sharks not allowed at the beach/hajförbud vid… Continue reading Sign posts for life/vägskyltar för livet

Pastel paintings, What ever

Good looking…

Melanie at Amusingmyselfmusings wrote a post, that reminded me of a Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt alias Blue. She paint in graffiti style, amazing artworks. She´s exploring the female body among other things, but that´s a real interesting theme she has. She kind of makes the female body look back and stare at the people who… Continue reading Good looking…

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

What are you staring at?

What if flowers could talk. Maybe they do, just not in our human languages. What if they both think and talk. What do they say about us humans staring at them? Anna    Tulip from our garden 🙂