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What’s on Santas mind?

What do you think goes on in Santas head right now? Vad tror du tomten funderar över i dessa dagar? Anna

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Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

This is a little book that lighten up my day everyday. My family got it as a present and this present last everyday as long as we live.  Everyday it's new wise or funny words worth thinking of. Most days it's Swedish text, but some days are in English. This one is a Dalai Lama… Continue reading Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

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TGIF thoughts

Actually I don't know what to write today. But I give it a try anyway. I'm just so grateful for all I have, where I live and that everyone near me is alive. Today, as the world seems to look like, that is not something you can't take for granted. The minute we take freedom,… Continue reading TGIF thoughts

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Warm thoughts to ya all!

   Here's a warm nice fire place to you all if you need one. Here in Sweden we need to stay warm because of the coldness outside. In nothern parts they have about -38 C some days, where I live we are heading towards -18 C tomorrow. We started at +O C this morning, but… Continue reading Warm thoughts to ya all!

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Me days

Do you have "me days"? You should all have me days. They're lovely and gives you new energy and new ideas. What's a "me day"? For me a "me day" is a lovely day where I do what I want, without worrying about anything else. I do things I like, paint a painting for an… Continue reading Me days

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Thank you all…

...for feeding my brain with such interesting thoughts. When I, in a couple of months, get more painting time, you probably will notice the inspiration I get from you, in new pictures and drawings. I cant wait! But I have to. In the mean time, I show you a lot of "old" paintings and some… Continue reading Thank you all…