Time hunting

Time for love – tid för kärlek

When the world around you seems a little hopeless and cruel. Think of all the love you can get from those who really care for you. That helps. När världen omkring dig verkar aningen hopplös och elak. Tänk då på all kärlek du kan få från de som verkligen bryr sig om dig. Time for… Continue reading Time for love – tid för kärlek

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Time for love

Today I heard about a caravan going from one place to another, but I don't think it's a caravan I want to join. I think it's time for love instead So I found this oldie on youtube and I think, no I know for a fact, that I join this caravan instead everytime 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-uUS6bSOP4… Continue reading Time for love

Time hunting

Time for love/tid för kärlek

Tid för kärlek/time for love This is a picture about the main answer to all our questions about meening of life. Time for love. Love among all mankind is the only answer. We have tried hate, we've tried evil, we' ve tried tons of race separations, we've tried religious separation, but none of theese methods… Continue reading Time for love/tid för kärlek