Time hunting

Time heals/Tiden läker alla sår

Another time expression I find quite similar in Swedish and English. The expression it self, I don't know if I agree that time heals. We may get another perspective on our wounds, but I'm not sure times really heals them. Just change them or maybe they stay the same sometimes too.  But I enjoyed doing… Continue reading Time heals/Tiden läker alla sår

Time hunting, What ever

Tiden läker alla sår?/time heals?

Do time heal? I'll guess we all have to find that out for ourself. Somethings never disapear, other things do. But is it really time that heals? Something to think about.... Den 5 november på Trosa kvarn/Lenas kök kan vi som hittar dit passa på att lyssna till Felicia Feldt och Mian Lodalen, som kommer… Continue reading Tiden läker alla sår?/time heals?