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Pieces of time cake

Imagine time as a cake. How does your dream time cake look like? Is it possible to make the perfect cake for life? Tänk dig tiden som en tårta. Hur ser din drömtårta ut? Går det att göra drn perfekta livstårtan? Anna

Time hunting

Vacation time – semestertid

What if time took time of? What would happen to us then? Tänk om tiden skulle ta semester, vad skulle hända med oss då? Anna

Time hunting

Take your time – Ta vara på tiden


Time hunting

Double time, triple time?

What if we could play Wordfeud with time? Set the time on DT for double time or TT for triple time? Or DM for double Month. I rellay like to have two Augusts months. The weather is perfect right now and it's still not too dark in the evenings here in Sweden. What do you… Continue reading Double time, triple time?


Three more…

...and then we are at 1700! This numbers are beyond belief and it's all your doing. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for all good constantly ongoing talks. I learn new things everyday and get so much support from you. Other things in life have been stolen far too much time from blogging time… Continue reading Three more…

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I can’t draw a straight line

When I say I can draw I often hear the comment Well I can't even draw a straight line. Who said the lines have to be straight? Who decides if we can draw or not? No one! I come up with a little idea this year. For every day I do not find time to… Continue reading I can’t draw a straight line

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Time spirit – Make a wish

Are time treating you kind? Or is it Is time treating you kind? My English are, well, as I said to Andy. I'm not bilingual, I'm googletranslate-lingual 😉 I have spend my evenings for Saving Trosa nature projects, so I'm sorry for not being able to hang out with you wp friends so much lately.… Continue reading Time spirit – Make a wish

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Golden times/Gyllene tider

I don't know if the English language have the same expression as we have in Swedish. We say "Gyllene tider", golden times, about good times. What if we could dig up a treasure box filled with time? Would we then have time pirates? What would we do if we all of a sudden found golden… Continue reading Golden times/Gyllene tider

Time hunting

Playing with time/Leka med tiden

Time is a fragile thing very often. Like an egg maybe. We balance the time as gentle as we can. Or do we really? Maybe we're sometimes forget how easy time can crush in thousands of pieces. Maybe we forget to take it easy with time, maybe we rush to much and forget taking care… Continue reading Playing with time/Leka med tiden

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Take your time

Quick drawing. Have fun! What do you think about time? Anna   

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Birds clock

I found the most lovely clock I ever heard! Forget the classic cuckoo clock. This clock sounds like twelve different birds. Every hour one of the twelve birds sing. It is so nice! It's a lovely sound. I can almost imagine sitting outside in a forrest with that one bird song per hour. I founded… Continue reading Birds clock

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Race against time – Tidsrace

Can we ever be number one in the race against time? Or does time always gonna be ahead of us? Are we like the hare? Running without realizing that the time always will catch up no matter how long the race is and no matter how fast we run? Are time our tortoise? Are time… Continue reading Race against time – Tidsrace

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Do you count your followers?

If you do, how do you count them? Do you count the email followers and the blog followers or just the blog followers? If I count all followers, then we are now 800 who follow this blog. If I count the blog followers I need some more followers before the notifications says I reached 800.… Continue reading Do you count your followers?

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Be in time/Vara i tiden

What if the time is a wheel of fortune and we can go with it, when the time start spinning? What if that time wheel stops in the right moments and let us win some more time to spinn with? Tänk om tiden snurrar som ett lyckohjul och vi får snurra med. Tänk om hjulet… Continue reading Be in time/Vara i tiden

Time hunting

Tidens ände/End of time

I found a time-painting I had forgotten. This is what happens when cleaning. Here I imagine time as a long (or short) rope, which has an end. But time never really ends. The rope should therefore continue indefinitely instead. Jag hittade en tid-målning jag hade glömt bort. Så kan det gå när man städar. Här… Continue reading Tidens ände/End of time