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Soul mates?

Recently there was a f-ing noice up on a neighbor roof. And guess what, yea it really was a f-ing noice 😉 Seagulls would be arrested if they were people, I tell you that much. Luckily they're not, but they act like they own the town right now. And they will for quite some time.… Continue reading Soul mates?

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New alarm clock?

   This time of the year, we know for a fact when Spring has arrived here in my town Trosa, Sweden. We get a new alarm clock. Very efficient, very hard to ignore, but also impossible to control. I'm talking about the seagulls. The come here every Spring, making noise all over town and eventually… Continue reading New alarm clock?

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Colorful Trosa

Our oldest parts of my town Trosa seems to be color matched. Just look at this. The red part (and yes, it's a deer running around in the street)    The yellow part    The gray/green part    Have a nice day 🙂 Anna

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Trosa walk

   Trosa river or maybe creek a Sunday afternoon    Upstreams    And some steps further upstreams If you've been a tourist in Trosa, you probably walked this way 🙂 Anna

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I live in Thong!

Now you will never forget the name of my town 😉 In Swedish my town is called Trosa and that's also our word for thong. You can surely imagine how many jokes about that we have heard through the years when we tell about the name of our town. Thumbup, who was kind to translate… Continue reading I live in Thong!