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Läs i sommar! Read a novel in Swedish!

I wrote a little novel a couple of years ago, to se if I could. If you read Swedish or have a possibility to translate, you can look into the links for each chapter and read. När ni behöver ta en paus. Leta rätt på en bok och sjunk in i tankeuniversum för en stunds… Continue reading Läs i sommar! Read a novel in Swedish!

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Me, a blogger?

Do you want to read some Swedish? Then you can visit a local e-magazine called http://www.itrosa.se and read an interview with me. Here's the link: http://www.itrosa.se/sv/article/?i=s3125613512998992. Or visit itrosa.se | Facebook Give it a try if you want. Or.... Cheat and read a google translation here: Anna Bohlin combine efforts to help entrepreneurs with financial… Continue reading Me, a blogger?