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Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 14-15 2018

Very early morning in sunrise time. I only had a thin pen with me, so I couldn't draw the little islands as dark as they were, but it turned out ok anyway. Mycket tidig morgon när solen precis går upp över trädtopparna. Jag hade bara en tunn penna med mig och kunde inte göra motljuset… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 14-15 2018

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Who lives in the tree? Vem bor i trädet?

Found a nest in a tree. I wonder who lives there? Fann ett fågelbo i en björk. Jag undrar vem som bor där. Får hålla koll och se om jag kan lista ut det. Anna

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Magnolia dreams

I have a Magnolia outside my window and this year it might bloom for the first time since we planted the tree. It's not Spring yet, but I hope I get to see the tree bloom this year. So my drawing today become a Magnolia dream drawing. I'm sorry I haven't been around visiting your… Continue reading Magnolia dreams

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I found Santa!

Look what's up in the old oak tree! Santa and his wife 🙂 Click to enlarge the picture if you don't see them. Have a great first advent weekend. Anna

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Snow has arrived in Trosa

This afternoon it happened!      

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Zebra behind a Lamp

A quick drawing I did during a session with my painter friends. My ipad camera is crap and takes this kind of photos. I'm sorry. I hope you can see the drawing anyway, despite the unsharpness 🙂 Anna   

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Autumn leaves 

Jims post about playing with leaves made me draw this image. Friday Musings Do you remember when you played in the leaves when you was a child? I remember the joy of autumn leaves. Anna   

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I got a new artproject idea and I need your help. We all have to face millions of question everywhere we go. Some of them we don´t want to answer, some of them feels weird to answer, some of them we wanna tell a lie to answer. Some questions are very easy to answer or… Continue reading ASK!

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Monotypi – Trees/Träd

         Save the trees! Anna

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Something borrowed, part 4

Another painting where I borrowed the motive from a painter friend. It is really fun to interpreting other paintings in my own way. You should try it! Let me know if you do that and wanna share the result with the readers. Ännu en målning där jag tolkat motivet från en målarkompis tavla. Pröva själv… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 4

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Bridge over troubled water

  This is our Edanö bridge over troubled water. On the island lives birds that kill the trees on the island. The city want's to scare the birds away. But it is The city who has make them move to the island in the first place. We humans are not the wisest of creatures, when… Continue reading Bridge over troubled water

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Apple blossom/Äppelblom

Evening Fresh painting. Believe it or not. The apple tree outside my window inspired me to fill a green paper with pastel colors. I ended up in a fantasy landscape where the wind is trying to take the apple blossom leaves with them. Kvällsfärsk målning. Tro det eller ej. Äppelträdet utanför mitt fönster inspirerade mig… Continue reading Apple blossom/Äppelblom