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TGIF thoughts

Actually I don't know what to write today. But I give it a try anyway. I'm just so grateful for all I have, where I live and that everyone near me is alive. Today, as the world seems to look like, that is not something you can't take for granted. The minute we take freedom,… Continue reading TGIF thoughts

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I love trees, do you?

I don't get why the politicians in my municipality Trosa keeps erase our forests. They think building houses is top priority. They don't care for the climate changes at all. They keep building new roads that will increase the traffic, they build houses where nature lived before and they say that's our hope and future.… Continue reading I love trees, do you?

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When the last lie is told

Wise words that apply well on save Trosa nature issue!

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Trafikverket samrådsredogörelse 20151207

Jag lämnade in synpunkter till Trafikverket och påpekade där att Trosa förbifart/infart Västra inverkar alltför mycket på höga naturvärden och inte kan redovisa några som helst fördelar med att utradera natur för all framtid till förmån för en väg, som innebär ÖKADE utsläpp i kommunen. Som ni säkert har hört har övriga världen bestämt sig… Continue reading Trafikverket samrådsredogörelse 20151207

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Don’t ever trust politicians!

    When the world recently met in Paris to achieve a save the Planet plan, the politicians in Trosa from every political party there is, decided to take a increasing pollution comprehensive plan for our municipality. You can read about it here at in Swedish "Samhällsbyggnadsnämnden fick under tiden 6 juli till… Continue reading Don’t ever trust politicians!