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Church day in Trosa Sweden

This is the bell tower at Trosa Church. Really old one and a landmark in Trosa since 1600-1700 centrury something. Beautiful if you ask me 😉 No, I don't go inside church that often nowadays, but I walk in this area often and light candles in the graveyard. It's a peaceful area of my town.… Continue reading Church day in Trosa Sweden

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Winter sun at Trosa church

A lovely winterday in Trosa Sweden, just look at this Tree shadows at the wall of Trosa Church Bell tower (klocktorn in Swedish) behind the church Red houses outside the church yard is the oldesr parts of Trosa. Some new buildings too of course, but the main structure of the city still remains. And of… Continue reading Winter sun at Trosa church

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Old Trosa postcard

Got a postcard with old Trosa in the picture this summer. I think it's from early 1900 century. A lot has happened since then. Much more buildings, much less trees and green fields. "Ån" is Trosa river, Trosaån. "Statt" is Trosa Stadshotell". "Kyrkan" is Trosa Church. "Klockstapeln" is bell tower at Trosa church. Back then… Continue reading Old Trosa postcard

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Trosa Västra Ågatan

Trosa river west side seen from the east side. The fence in the front is no longer there. It's a big building with condominiums there now and some shops. I used bee wax crayons for this painting. Hope you all having a great day 🙂 Anna

Pastel paintings, Reuse art, Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Trosa church

Today I visited Trosa churchyard to light some candles on family graves. All saints weekend may drown in the more commersial halloween spectacle, but I like the classic All saints weekend. Here's a quick dry pastel painting on cardboard. I did it in about 20 minutes this evening. That's the time I had for the… Continue reading Trosa church

Pastel paintings, Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri


Andra dagen på Vårsalongen i Trosa innebar för min egen del att en tavla kommer att hitta ett nytt hem och en ny titel. Den får nytt namn i och med sin nya ägare, precis som när man sjösätter nya båtar. Härmed får den heta Kyrkor. Bildens kyrkor, Trosa, Trosa land, Vagnhärad och Västerljungs kyrkor… Continue reading Kyrkor