Still winter here

Trosa water tower – Vattentornet i Trosa Sweden

I hope you all are ok. I haven’t had that much time to check up on you all lately. I’m sorry for that, but I always be back and visit you sometimes. Hopefully soon 🙂



Winter greetings from Trosa Sweden

Jim wanted to see some winter pictures. Don’t ask me why someone wants to see winter pics when so many long for Spring. But as you know, Jim is one of our friendly blogger in the community so of course I show some pics from my city in white.

Freezing temps this weekend. Minus 12 C, but when Spring sun coming up it’s more like 4-5 minus C. 

Have a great start of the week 🙂


December 6 2017 herons in the air

This tine of year we can watch herons fly by over the city roofs. It’s amazing watching those birds. 

Så här års flyger gråhägrar i flertal över hustaken i stan. Fantastiskt att få se hägrarna på så nära håll mitt inne i stan.

Apropå fåglar. Ett boktips så här i juletider. 

En underbar liten historia. En liten fågel i juletid av Fannie Flagg.

Speaking of birds. Have you read the wonderful book by Fannie Flagg?

A Redbird Christmas

Have a nice morning, day, evening and night where ever you are 🙂


Christmas lights :)

This picture is taken a bit after 16:00 this evening. It’s pitch dark both in afternoon and morning now in Sweden. It’s hard to stay awake when it’s dark outside. But soon it’s getting lighter again. 


News from Save Trosa nature movement 

One of my Save Trosa nature friends has written an excellent debate piece that one of the local papers SN published.

You can read it in English in the comments over at:

Om du hellre läser svenska finns den i sin helhet på samma länk. Eller på

If you want to support our efforts to save Trosa nature please visit the blog InformationTrosa and leave a like and/or a comment if you have something to say. Projects that go against climate changes goals are a concern for everyone not just a few people who happens to live near such projects.

Om du vill stödja våra försök att rädda Trosas natur och få politikerna att tänka mer klimatsmart får du gärna besöka informationTrosa och lämna ett gilla och/eller en kommentar om du vill säga något. Klimatfrågan berör oss alla oavsett var vi bor. Den här frågan är därför inte längre bara lokal utan global. 



So it’s official…

… I woke up to this 

Winter seems to be here now. Yes, it is that white stuff you see that isn’t supposed to come earlier than December!

But inside is warm and I keep myself near the fireplace, so I have nothing to complain about.

Have a nice evening you all!


Information Trosa

Om du vill följa några av de ansträngningar som sker för att övertyga Trosa kommuns politiker att agera klimatsmart och tänka om när det gäller projekt som motverkar klimatmålen kan du besöka en ny hemsida som heter Information Trosa.

If you want to follow how some Save Trosa nature people trying to convince the Local politicians in Trosa Sweden to act climate smart and reconsider projects that doesn’t do climat change’s goals any good, you can visit the new site Information Trosa.

It’s in Swedish, but I think you can press a button and chose which language you want to read. 

One page doesn’t need so much translation and I think you would like to see the page. The page show some of the wild life we try to protect from exploitation. You will se both endangered and protected species in the photo gallery if you click on the photos over there.

Here’s the link


Ice Maiden in Trosa Sweden


Early morning. 

Black roof with a breath from Ice Maiden.

The upside of coldness….time to use the fireplace and sit down with a cup of tea 🙂


Moon over Lagnö Gård Trosa 

Bright sky tonight. Moon and stars. What more can you possibly ask for?

Just heavenly beautiful 🙂


Darkness falls across the land

Halloween greetings from Trosa water tower 😉

Or do you prefer Trosa in broad daylight?

And here’s my favourite scary song, just because it’s not that scary.

Happy Halloween to you all. Be nice!


End of October in Trosa

This is Trosa Sweden around 16:00 a Sunday in October.

Street lights already on.

Almost no boats left in the little river. Only two kayaks. It’s still kayak weather if you have the right safety clothes on.

Today it’s very windy and cold. We’re heading to the w season I think.

But still nothing of that white stuff coming down. It can wait til December around x mas.

Have a great Sunday you all!


News from Save Trosa nature people 

One of my Save Trosa nature friends and I have worked on a report. We have examined if the project new big road can proceed without negative climate effects. It can’t, so we told the authorities and media. Here’s the first news article about our report. You can read it in Swedish at

Here’s what the Swedish news article says:

Municipalities Ingrid Benson and Anna Bohlin have examined the project New big road and the exploitation of the Tureholm Peninsula. They have compiled a 10-point list of climate councils that Trosa Municipality has not taken into account. The following press release has been published to media and environmental stakeholders:
Project New big road and the exploitation of Western Trosa – Tureholm Peninsula will counteract climate targets of 10 points.

In a review of the project based on climate reports from the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Association and the County Administrative Board, it appears that Trosa municipality in projects in Western Trosa
will strongly counter all established international, national, regional and local climate targets.

The review also shows that the municipality can cancel the projects and yet achieve the growth targets the municipality has set up.

The review letter “Has the climate goals been included in the planning of new big road and the exploitation of Western Trosa – Tureholm Peninsula?” Has been sent to decision-makers in Trosa Municipality, County Administrative Board, Regional Federation, Swedish Transport Agency, Swedish National Agency for Housing, the Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Energy, the Environment and Energy, the media and other actors which has the potential to influence a community development that promotes climate goals.

Trosa municipality politicians and other decision makers in the project today have a unique opportunity to cancel the project before it adversely affects the environment and the climate. The municipality then has the opportunity to launch climate-smart growth projects that strengthen migration attractiveness and the brand as an ecommerce community, thus fulfilling all climate goals, the reviewers believe.

The review letter is available as downloadable pdf file on the website It can also be ordered by e-mail at:

Photo: Mai Ottoson

The examination report tries to enlighten the authorities about the climate issues and the report actually says this:

Thomas at aspiblog says it in a few words. The report writers says it in many thousand words, but it’s still the same message.

To be continued 🙂


Gärdsmyg – Eurasian wren

I saw a cute little bird this weekend.

Tails up is significant for this bird. I’ve only seen pictures of it before, but now it showed up near the house for a short while before it flew away again.


Visitor in the sky – besökare i luften

Här om dagen seglade denna fågel ovanför oss. Vad är det för fågel?

The other day this bird was flying over us. Who is it?

I don´t know, so I’m asking if you know and can tell me.

Jag vet inte vad det är för fågel, vet ni, så får ni gärna berätta för mig.

en vråk av något slag?

en vråk av något slag?


Trosa high debts alternative facts

One of my Save Trosa nature friends, Ingrid Benson has done a fb post on Mötesplats0156
where she thanks a Trosa municipality citizen for bringing the issue of high debts up for the Trosa municipality.

Here’s what the Swedish text in the fb post says:

Thank you Pär Abrahamsson for reappearing Trosa municipality’s debt issue. Soon it’s time to advance at least 90 million (SEK) to pay the new big road project. Where will that money come from? In March 2017, development agreements had been signed with the municipality for 99 of the 670 properties needed to finance the road. DEBTS RISKS TO INCREASE IF THE NEW BIG ROAD PROJECT IS NOT CANCELED.

Trosa debts again
Municipally economy In SN (local newspaper) on October 3 you can read that Trosas municipality council Daniel Portnoff relaunches the municipality’s indebtedness. He claims that if you combine the accounts of the municipalities with the unrecognized pension liabilities that all municipalities have, then Trosa’s debt would be similar to the media municipality.
Now you do not have to believe. The numbers are at SCB (Sweden statistics bureau) and if you do the calculation, Trosa municipality is in place 37. It is obviously better than the thirteenth place that the municipality is on if you look at the posted debts, yet about 100 places from the center.
It is troublesome that the municipal leadership is living in faith and bases its action that debt is normal. It is not. Attempting the public to believe the same by presenting alternative facts about easily verifiable amounts is even more noticeable.
Trosa is deeply indebted and it will have consequences when interest rates are normalized.
Pär Abrahamsson Vagnhärad

So we have local politicians with their own versions of alternative facts 😉

But we also have citizens with enough knowledge to recognize alternative facts when they appear 🙂

If you want to give the fb poat a like you can press this link¬if_id=1507100038467686¬if_t=like

If you want to read more about Trosa debts, visit

Greetings from Trosa Sweden