Storslagna projekt

Jag hittade en gammal post som blir mer och mer aktuell för Trosas politiker som har drabbats av storhetsvansinne i alla möjliga frågor, men främst beslutet att stå fast vid att bygga en ny stor väg som inte behövs och som kommer att motverka de allt mer angelägna klimatmålen. Så jag postar denna serie igen. Anna

For English version, please visit the post

Warning of grand projects

En bildserie om små män som vill bli störst 🙂


Vitalismålningen – the Vitalis painting by Ljunggren

This is a photo of a wall painting by Reinhold Ljunggren a painter from the 1900’s who lived in Trosa for a while and painted lots of Trosa houses and landscapes. But he also did this big painting. It’s a wall in one of the schools in Trosa, Vitalisskolan that have this beautiful painting.

In the picture you see the famous lighthouse outside Trosa city called Christmas lighthouse (Julaftons fyr), the old school that someone tragically burned down long time ago, the church bell tower and the Tureholm castle.

I really like this painting. I saw it almost everyday in myschool days, hundred years ago, but I still remember it and the painting is great inspiration.

Den här bilden visar en väggmålning som Trosamålaren Reinhold Ljunggren gjorde när Vitalisskolan i Trosa byggdes. Den fyller en hel vägg i matsalen. På den kan vi se Julaftons fyr, gamla skolan som sorgligt nog någon brände ner, klockstapeln vid Trosa kyrka och Tureholms slott.

 Jag såg den här väggen varje dag för hundra åt sedan när jag gick i den skolan. Bilden ligger fortfarande kvar tydligt i minnet och inspirerar mig fortfarande väldigt mycket.


Fall in Trosa river

In the evening at Trosa river in the town Trosa it looks like this 

The leave’s falling and the lonely boat waiting for the last tour on sea or to be taken out of the water for winter maybe. 

Soon it’s Spring again, don’t you think?


More Trosa nature pictures

If you want to see more pictures of the Trosa nature we’re want to protect from exploitation you can visit the fb page Möteplats 0156. If you like the pictures and are on fb, please give the post a like and even a comment if you have something to say about the pictures.

The Swedish text says

Nature close to you that is accessible to all, all seasons. Stroll or cycle on the Tureholm Peninsula. Take care while nature remains. If the landowner gets as he wants, there will be hundreds of houses and a huge marina. Landowner opposes the formation of a nature reserve and planning parking on a sea nature protected area. Also look at Anna’s blog and read about wildlife and some red-listed species found on Tureholmshalvön…/kalla-den-anglama…/ Like this post if you think nature on Tureholm peninsula is worth preserving. Act by joining the network to stop Project new big road, email to


Vad betyder förbifarten för dig som bor i Västerljung?

Läs nedan hur du påverkas av politikernas planerade vägbygge och den exploatering av stora allemansrättsligt tillgängliga naturområden i Hunga och Trosa som blir följden av vägbygget.

Vill du kontakta oss som skrivit denna information, Ingrid Benson och Anna Bohlin, kan du maila oss på:

Du får gärna sprida denna information vidare.

Ni kan också läsa mer under kategorin Trosa förbifart här på bloggen.
To my english readers. This is information about the new big road through Trosa grand nature that we don’t need but the politician still think it’s a good idea. The information is in Swedish, sorry about that. I will post more information in english in future posts, so I will let you know how it goes.

The information says the road will destroy nature and cost the citizens a lot of money and increased pollution while a big landowner will make good money out of the project. If you want to support our efforts to save Trosa nature you are welcome to press the like button on this post 🙂

Tullgarn – the palace

Tullgarn Palace is located just outside Trosa municipality. I was there recently and took some Pictures. Click on each image to make them larger.



Sagan om en onödig väg – The tale of an unnecessary road Del/part 12

Del 12

For English look below the Swedish text

Några invånare i den lilla staden, som nu höll på att bli en större stad, hade struntat i att lyssna på Ville och Valle. De hade i stället riktat öronen ut mot omvärlden och kände till den stora världsöverenskommelsen att sluta göra illa jordklotet med buller, utsläpp och avskogning. Några av Villes gamla kompisar försökte prata med Ville och göra Ville uppmärksam på detta faktum att Valle var inne på helt fel spår med vägbygget. Ville ville inte höra på, eller kanske inte vågade höra på.

Valle hade ju sagt, eller snarare kanske Viktor hade ju sagt att staden måste fortsätta att bli större för att bli av med de pinsamt stora skulderna Ville och Valle hade orsakat staden. På vilket sätt ekonomin skulle förändras till det bättre hade nog varken Ville eller Valle någon egentligen koll på, de bara hoppades på att en dag hitta en vinstlott av en ren slump. Kanske när staden blev dubbelt som stor som när de kommit till staden, kanske när den blev tredubbelt så stor. De visste inte, de bara fortsatte på inslagen väg helt enkelt. Att stanna upp skulle vara en prestigeförlust och innebära att de tre små männen skulle känna sig ännu mindre. Deras egenkärlek växte för varje meter staden växte helt enkelt.

Part 12

Some inhabitants of the small town, which were now becoming a major city, had stopped listen to Dunno and Yanno. Instead, they had turned their ears to the world and knew the big world agreement to stop hurting the planet with noise, emissions and deforestation. Some of Dunno´s old friends tried to talk to Dunno and make Dunno pay attention to the fact that Yanno was on a completely wrong track with road construction. Dunno would not listen, or maybe dared not listen.

Yanno, or probably, Victor had said, that the city must continue to grow to get rid of the embarrasing big debts Dunno and Yanno had caused the city. In what way the economy would change for the better, Dunno or Yanno did not know, they just hoped to find a winning ticket of a pure luck one day. Perhaps when the city became twice as big, maybe when it was tripled. They did not know, they just continued their growing plans. Stop the project would be a prestige loss and mean that the three little men would feel even less. Their love for themselves grew for every meter the city grew.

Vill ni läsa hela sagan finner ni den här:

Svensk version fulltext

If you want to read the whole story you find it here:
English full version

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Warning of grand projects

Se även
Varning för storslagna projekt

Sagan om en onödig väg – The tale of an unnecessary road Del/part 11

Del 11

For English look below the Swedish text

Vad Ville och Valle helt missade under sin långa tid av utbyggnad av staden var att omvärlden gjort häpnadsväckande upptäckter och samlat ny modern kunskap om stadsplanering. Det jordklot som Ville och Valle bodde på i den lilla staden höll på att bryta ihop av människans feltänkande. Omvärlden hade därför bestämt att ändra på hela mänsklighetens leverne för att rädda jordklotet till kommande generationer mänsklighet.

Allt detta hade gått Ville och Valle förbi. Helt enkelt av den anledningen att de var helt upptagna med sina storslagna projekt och i sin enfald trodde att det räckte med att lyssna på Viktor. Han visste ju faktiskt allt de behövde veta. Han visste till och med om vad omvärlden hade bestämt, men eftersom det inte passade in i hans egna storslagna planer brydde han sig inte om att följa de råden. Han var sig själv nog och visste helt enkelt allt bäst själv redan. Ingen annan än han kände ju till hans grandiosa förvandlingsplaner. Inget skulle få stoppa honom.

Part 11

What Dunno and Yanno completely missed out during the long time of expansion of the city was that the outside world made amazing discoveries and gathered new modern knowledge of urban planning. The planet was about to break down because of human wrongthinking. The outside world had therefore decided to change the lives of all humanity to save the planet to future generations of humanity.

All of this had passed Dunno and Yanno without notice. Simply because they were completely occupied with their magnificent projects and, in their minds, thought it was enough to listen to Victor. Indeed, he knew everything they needed to know. He even knew what the outside world had decided, but because it did not fit into his own grand plans, he did not care to follow the councils. He was enough by himself and knew all that he needed to know. No one but he knew his grandiose development plans. Nothing would stop him.

Vill ni läsa hela sagan finner ni den här:

Svensk version fulltext

If you want to read the whole story you find it here:
English full version

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Warning of grand projects

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Varning för storslagna projekt

Sagan om en onödig väg – The tale of an unnecessary road Del/part 10

Del 10

For English look below the Swedish text

Så här långt in i sagan låter allt som frid och fröjd för Ville, Valle och Viktor. Det mesta går som smort. De kan bit för bit avslöja små små delar av sina planer för invånarna när de anser sig vara riktigt tvungna att göra det. De kallar till och med till samråd och lurar i folk att de kan lämna sina synpunkter, så lovar de att lyssna. Ville och Valle var inte mycket för att lyssna på någon annan än Viktor, så vad folket sade brydde de sig helt enkelt inte om. Det skulle ta alldeles för lång tid att fundera över vad folk sade, om de sade något som innebar ett hinder för att bygga vägen.

Dock uppstod ett problem när vägbygget kom närmare den verkliga starten. Ville och Valle hade inga pengar kvar i stadens kassa och de kunde helt enkelt inte låna ännu mer pengar. Som vanligt såg Viktor lösningar där andra bara såg problem. Han lovade att betala för vägen. Han och han förresten, hans plan gick givetvis ut på att de framtida husägarna i hans förstad skulle betala för vägen. Ville och Valle fann återigen frid och fröjd och gick raskt vidare med projektet. Det började bli bråttom.

Part 10

So far into the saga, everything sounds like peace and delight for Dunno, Yanno and Victor. They can bit by bit reveal small small parts of their plans to the inhabitants when they consider themselves to be really forced to do so. They even call for consultation and tell people that they can leave their views, and Dunno and Yanno promise to listen. Dunno and Yanno did not listen to anyone other than Victor, so what the people said they simply did not care about, it would take too much time. Especially if they said something that involved an obstacle to build the road.

However, a problem arose when road construction came closer to the actual start. Dunno and Yanno had no money left in the city’s cash register and they simply could not borrow more money. As usual, Victor saw solutions where others only saw problems. He promised to pay for the road. His plan was of course that the future homeowners in his suburb would pay for the road. Dunno and Janno once again found peace and happiness and proceeded quickly with the project. They where in a hurry.

Vill ni läsa hela sagan finner ni den här:

Svensk version fulltext

If you want to read the whole story you find it here:
English full version

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Se även
Varning för storslagna projekt

Sagan har spridit sig till – The tale continue to spread

Titta! har uppmärksammat sagan om Ville Valle och Viktor

ITrosa är en nättidning som på ett mycket trevligt sätt rapporterar om Trosahändelser, så besök gärna sidan och läs mer om Trosa. Besök också tidningens fb-sida om ni vill ge artikeln ett gilla.

Look! My tale has spread to a local newspaper on internet. At you’ll find many articles about events in Trosa. Give it a read. It’s in Swedish though. If you eant to give the article a like, please visit the fb page itrosa and leave a like.

Vill du ocskå sprida sagan till dina läsare får du gärna göra det. Berätta gärna vart den hamnar.

If you want to share the tale too, please tell us about it and let us knoe where we find the reblog or linkback.


Sagan om en onödig väg – The tale of an unnecessary road Del/part 6

Del 6

For English look below the Swedish text

Den här storslagna planen att ständigt göra staden större fungerade i många, många år för Ville och Valle, men de hade ett stort bekymmer.
Den storslagna planen gav inte guld och gröna skogar, som Viktor tutat i dem att planen skulle göra. I själva verket hade ju Viktor behållt både guldet och den gröna skogen alldeles för sig själv. Men det talade han tyst om inför Ville och Valle. Fast de skulle inte ens begripa det om han sade det rakt ut, så Viktor var inte det minsta orolig över att råka försäga sig heller.

Ville och Valle insåg en dag att de orsakat staden stor skuldsättning. Hur hade det gått till? Det kunde de inte begripa. De hade ju varit så duktiga med allt. Att bli större skulle ju innebära att ekonomin också blev större. Det blev den också, men på alldeles fel sida, nämligen skuldsidan. De stod där med en stor, stor nitlott i ett gigantiskt miljonlotteri och visste inte hur de skulle få tillbaka pengarna de hade förbrukat.

Part 6

This magnificent plan to continually make the city bigger worked for many years, but Dunno and Yanno had one major concern. The grand plan did not give gold and green forests, which Victor tricked them to believe. In fact, Victor had retained both the gold and the green forest all by himself. But he spoke quietly about that in front of Dunno and Yanno. They would not understand even if he told them, so he didn´t worry that much about that fact.

Dunno and Yanno realized one day that they caused the city great debt. How could that have happened? They could not understand that. They had been so good at everything. Becoming bigger would mean that the economy also became bigger. It became bigger, but on the wrong side, the debt side. They stood there with a big, big blank in a giant million lottery and did not know how to get the money back they had spent.

Vill ni läsa hela sagan finner ni den här:

Svensk version fulltext

If you want to read the whole story you find it here:

English full version

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Warning of grand projects

Se även
Varning för storslagna projekt

Old cars in Trosa – Veteranbilar iTrosa 2017

Summer in Trosa means old car visit Thursday evenings in Trosa harbor. I found a youtube video from the event

More info about the event:

I did an oil painting of the event some years ago.
It’s fascinating to see the old car caravan through the old parts of our town.

Sommar i Trosa betyder veteranbilskvällar i Trosas hamnområde varje torsdag. Jag hittade ett youtubeklipp från eventet

Mer info om de populära kvällarna:

Jag målade får några år sedan en tavla på temat bilkaravan genom Trosas klassiska delar av stan.


Konstutställning i Trosa 25 maj – 2 juni

Missa inte de färgsprakande livfulla akvarellerna och keramikfigurerna som Agneta Ericsson har gjort, som Galleriet på Västra Långgatan i Trosa ställer ut. Fantastiska tavlor som skänker stor lycka att betrakta. 

If your in Trosa, don’t miss the exhibition at a gallery who shows paintings and sculptures made my the artist Agneta Ericsson. This is some of my favorites 


Vårsalongen 2017 – Spring exhibition 2017

English text after the Swedish text.

Styr kosan till Trosa Kristi himmelfärdshelgen om ni inte har något annat för er. Förutom Vårsalongen brukar mycket annat pågå de dagarna i Trosa. Hamnområdet brukar dra igång något som nästan liknar sommarlivet i hamnen, Trosa torg-butikerna brukar ha happenings på gång och Trosaporten en bit utanför klassiska Trosakvarter brukar också ha jippon igång. I slutet av maj vaknar sommarTrosa till liv så ett besök kan vara en trevlig upplevelse om man gillar små sommarstäders charm.

Tidigare inlägg om Vårsalongen.

Itrosa-artikel om förra årets utställning.

Vill ni se alla itrosas vårsalongartiklar kan ni söka Vårsalong i artikelskåpet.

Soon it’s time for Spring exhibition in our little town. It’s always a nice happening. Many local artists shows their art work and it’s so nice to see what everyone of them has done. It’s a mixture of paintings and different kind of sculptures in the exhibition. Something for everyone to like or not like.

Previous posts about Spring exhibition.

Here follows some of the paintings I have showed on previous exhibitions.


Låt örnen flyga – Where eagles fly

Sea Eagle at Käftudden Trosa

Sea Eagle at Käftudden Trosa

For English readers, look below the Swedish text

Naturskyddsföreningen får stöd av hundratalet boende på Tureholmshalvön

Naturskyddsföreningens begäran till Länsstyrelsen att ompröva beslutet om att inte göra någon miljökonsekvensbeskrivning för projekt Infart Västra Trosa får nu stöd av 132 boende och två föreningar på Tureholmshalvön Gillbergsvik/Käftudden, som insänt en skrivelse till Länsstyrelsen.

Exploateringen av Tureholmshalvön och Västra Trosa är numera en förutsättning för att vägen ska byggas enligt kommunens finansieringsbeslut.

Tureholmshalvön håller höga naturvärden med flertalet rödlistade arter, däribland havsörnarna som kommunen använder i sin reklam. Deras livsmiljö hotas nu av den exploatering kommunen och halvöns största markägare har tänkt sig genomföra.

Exploateringsplanerna strider mot gällande praxis för artskyddet. En miljökonsekvensbeskrivning bör göras och omfatta även de exploateringsområden som nu är ihopkopplade med vägprojektet.

Här kan ni läsa skrivelsen i sin helhet (engelsk version kommer efter den svenska texten)




Trosaskogen Tureholmshalvön

Vill ni också berätta för Länsstyrelsen, Trosa kommun och Trafikverket att projektet Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra Trosa samt exploateringsplanerna för västra Trosa och Tureholmshalvön behöver en miljökonsekvensbeskrivning?

Kontakta Länsstyrelsen och ange ärendenummer: 7648-2016, epost:, Trosa kommun:, Trafikverket:

Har ni frågor om ovanstående skrivelse kan ni e-posta mig på

Vill ni läsa Naturskyddsföreningens skrivelse kan ni göra det HÄR.

“Låt örnen flyga…” (lånat av Evert Taube från sången Änglamark)

Sea Eagle at Käftudden Trosa

Sea Eagle at Käftudden Trosa

SSNC is supported by 132 citizens on Tureholm Peninsula

SSNC request to the County Board to reconsider the decision not to make an environmental impact assessment for projects Trosa new big road now receive the support of 132 residents and two compounds on Tureholm Peninsula Gillbergsvik / Käftudden, as submissions a letter to the County Board.

The exploitation of Tureholm Peninsula and Trosa new big road is now a prerequisite for the road to be built according to the municipality’s funding decisions.

Tureholm Peninsula is high conservation with several endangered species, including sea eagles that the municipality uses in its advertising. Their habitat is now threatened by the exploitation municipality and the peninsula’s largest landowners have imagined implement.

Exploitation plans contrary to current practice for species protection. An environmental impact assessment should be made and include the development areas which are now paired with the road project

Here´s a googletranslation of the letter to the authorities:


To the County Board with a copy to Trosa muncipality and Traffic Authorities from property owners in Käftuddsvägen, Tureholm Peninsula, Trosa

SSNC has sent a request about reconsideration of the County Administrative Board’s decision regarding the significant environmental impacts during the construction of Trosa new big road, Decision 10.02.2012 No. 343-3342-2012 and the county administrative board has decided to reject the request. Case 343-7648-2016.

Landowner To Trosa Forest 1: 1 has submitted a plan inquiry to Trosa regarding construction of 100 residential At Gillbergsvik and a marina for 100-150 boats in Gillisviken, the Property owners in the area have therefore learned that the plans hanger together with the road project Trosa new big road and further exploitation of Tureholm Peninsula planned in big scale.

SSNC request is correct becaus the road project now depends entirely on whether the development plans of the Western Trosa and now available Tureholm peninsula is feasible. Trosa municipality financing decision involves the exploitation of Western Trosa and Tureholm Peninsula is necessary to build the road, not the other way around as the agreement with the Traffic anger that the way will enable the expansion of Western Trosa.

We believe that these points mean that en environmental assessment of the western entrance and exploitation plans for Tureholm Peninsula should be done immediately:
– Area as covered by road construction concern integrated only to those investigated, 60 have I Hungaskogen available but more than 840 recipients have filed Tureholm Peninsula.

– General Plan 2015 has not been preceded by any depth study of Tureholm Peninsula, that can show no natural disturbed damaged or destroyed in and with such a strong Exploitation as municipality plans. En environmental impact study for the implementation of the new road should therefore cover available the entire Tureholm Peninsula.

– Tureholm Peninsula have high natural value with a number of red-listed species, for example sea eagles, as Trosa uses in its advertising for the municipality. During a severe exploitation of Tureholm peninsula runs the risk of being disturbed out completely, something as not compatible with prevailing legislation on the protection of species where the sea eagle is indicative of the practice.

– Large parts of Tureholm Peninsula is close to Askö nature reserves and coastal areas also constitutes a reference area for Askö as has been able to maintain long-standing measurement series tack to the pristine environment. The areas are now threatened due to development plans. Evidenced According to the case covered areas available nearby sanctuary of the protective provisions.

– A Location at Käftudden far out into Tureholm Peninsula has been subject to reserve-Investigation, but put on hold because the landowner to Trosa Forest 1: 1 opposed reserve formation. It suggests the area Keeps High natural value and have conservation value nature. Käftudden mentioned by the municipality as a future development area in the financing decision for the road project. It is not compatible with current environmental legislation.

– General Plan 2015 indicates nowhere to Tureholm Peninsula and Western Trosa will account for 89% of total exploitation of the municipality for the next 20 years. It is indicated only in the financing decision for the road project. The decision was taken without there been any investigation into the environmental impact of such a load of Tureholm Peninsula .. At the increased cost of road exploitation plans will need to be expanded further, resulting in even greater pressure on natural areas.

– Tureholm Peninsula’s largest landowners (Trosa Forest 1: 1) is the only major landowners who commented positively on the cofinancing of infrastructure project, which means that development plans for Tureholm Peninsula will relate bebyggande of Trosa Forest 1: 1 in the main. Trosa Forest 1: 1 covers 840 ha of Tureholm peninsula, map attached.

– Traffic on Utterviks road will increase by 129%, according to the Swedish Transport Administration in the entrance West Trosa. It will affect the environment through increased noise and emissions, and increased disturbance of including eagles who regularly reside in the area.

– General Plan 2015 reporting on a map (page 96 of the MCP) to urban pressure on the areas marked with red lines. The scope of the planned buildings can not be seen. Dash marks also go to many places of beach protected areas. Some other indications that the region will account for 89% of the growth target is not in the comprehensive plan. The public has thus not been able to influence municipal development plans Tureholm Peninsula.

– Development of an area far from the town of Trosa means demands on infrastructure such as schools, preschools, communications, healthcare and water and sanitation. Such expansion will affect the environment negatively.

– Tureholm peninsula covered in large part by expanded shore of a decision by the Administrative Board. This suggests that high natural values have been inventoried.

– Development plans at Gillbergsvik means 140% increase in the housing stock in the area and despite the fact that the plans have been known to the municipality for a long time, they have not been specified in the Comprehensive Plan 2015.

– Gillberg’s plans have already begun to be realized by the landowner by logging in protected areas beach. Environmental Exploratory dives have been carried out despite the fact that no plan process has been initiated by the municipality. An informal positive initial reply seems to have been given without hearing the affected property owners in the area.

– Tureholm Peninsula’s natural landscape serves as air purifiers and air conditioners to urban areas, which have become increasingly important to maintain because the eastern Trosa has lost a large part of the air purifying natural areas.

– Tureholm Peninsula nature constitutes today an undisturbed area for many worth protecting animal and plant species and is a frequently visited the quiet recreation area for residents and visitors. The outer archipelago can be reached even by those who do not have their own boat. The municipal funding for the Western entrance with attached development plans Tureholm area means that the public stands to lose 927,000 to 1,644,000 square meters of natural landscape to live in.

– The urbanization of Tureholm peninsula means that today’s unique and worth protecting nature is lost for all future generations.

Review of decisions concerning significant environmental impacts, or the admission of new environmental impact assessment, in view of the new conditions that prevail, should therefore be also believe we are.

Property at Käftuddsvägen, Gillberg’s area on Tureholm Peninsula.
Appendix of names behind this letter is attached.

Trosa January 8, 2017

So let the sea eagle live!

If you have questions about the letter you can email me at


Sea Eagle at Käftudden Trosa

Sea Eagle at Käftudden Trosa