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TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2019

Friday evening, the day before the start. Fredag kväll. Dagen före start. It's that time of year again. Trosa ultra backyard starts tomorrow May 4 at 10.00 and the one who wins will probably run until Monday early morning. It's unbelievable how anyone can cope running that long both in kilometers and time. They run… Continue reading TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2019

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So it’s official…

... I woke up to this  Winter seems to be here now. Yes, it is that white stuff you see that isn't supposed to come earlier than December! But inside is warm and I keep myself near the fireplace, so I have nothing to complain about. Have a nice evening you all! Anna

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Fall in Trosa river

In the evening at Trosa river in the town Trosa it looks like this  The leave's falling and the lonely boat waiting for the last tour on sea or to be taken out of the water for winter maybe.  Soon it's Spring again, don't you think? Anna

Challenges, Photographs, Trosa is the place

Lap 26 and 5 runners still run! First runner Second and third Forth and fifth runner Lap 26 means they've been out running in 26 hours. How do one manage to do that? Amazing. Anna

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Spring time in Trosa April 2017

I play with words when I write 'Spring time in Trosa'. Spring in Swedish means run. So it's running time in Trosa in Springtime 🙂 Trosa Ultra Backyard is taking place April 29 to April 30. It's a form of ultra marathon race. Read more about the race here, I hope the Swedish text is… Continue reading Spring time in Trosa April 2017

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Winter paintings from Trosa Sweden part 1

So it's winter in my town Trosa. I have done several winter paintings of Trosa views through the years. Here are some of them

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Who sent this?

White can be a beautiful color, but not on the ground unless it's Christmas eve or Christmas day. We have weird winter here. The other day it was 10C and Spring in the air. This morning it was -8C and now it's wet snow temperature. So, who sent this whote stuff over here? I want… Continue reading Who sent this?

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Trosa mill -Trosa kvarn

Part of the house is for art exhibitions and concerts. Upstreams. The mill is from 1600 century but since 1960's it's been a place to live and work for artists and since 1990's it's been a office building and part of it a restaurant and exhibition and concert place. I liket it best in the… Continue reading Trosa mill -Trosa kvarn

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Frid på jord Peace on earth

One of our great Swedish folk singers Sofia Karlsson has written a beautiful song often heard at Christmas time in Sweden. Peace on earth. I like it. You can read a translation of the lyrics below. FRID PÅ JORD Text.- Olivia Blyberg, Sofia Karlsson. Musik: Sofia Karlsson. I stjärnfull natt de ljöd så klart… Continue reading Frid på jord Peace on earth

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Brrr it’s cold again

Our plus degree C weather disappeared over a night and I woke up to this. And this. Sun managed to spread some light today. Down Trosa river you can see a tiny little bit of the Christmas market on the bridge. So this is what a winter Sunday looks like in Trosa Sweden 🙂 Anna

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The weather outside’s delightful?

I had a lovely indoor day today. The weather looked like this  Dark and grey outside and white stuff coming down from above. But in the afternoon I took a walk and Trosa harbor looked like this And yes, this is our daylight light this time of year. It doesn't get any lighter than this.… Continue reading The weather outside’s delightful?

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Trosa Sweden October 2016 Tree walk

Jim took a tree walk in his neighborhood recently, so I thought I could take a tree walk too, but in my neighborhood. Trosa river downstreams, behind the corner the Trosa harbor begins. Trosa Villabron (housebridge) and the Villagatan alley (housestreet) Trosa river upstreams. Behind the corner begins Trosa square. The big house on the… Continue reading Trosa Sweden October 2016 Tree walk

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Billions rain over Trosa? Miljardregn över Trosa?

svensk text nedanför den engelska Are you one of those who may participate in the Trosa Municipality new big road lottery? Trosa politicians have a quite brilliant idea. They have started a post code lottery south of Trosa. In order to implement the idea, they need to build a big road through the nature of… Continue reading Billions rain over Trosa? Miljardregn över Trosa?

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Old Trosa postcard

Got a postcard with old Trosa in the picture this summer. I think it's from early 1900 century. A lot has happened since then. Much more buildings, much less trees and green fields. "Ån" is Trosa river, Trosaån. "Statt" is Trosa Stadshotell". "Kyrkan" is Trosa Church. "Klockstapeln" is bell tower at Trosa church. Back then… Continue reading Old Trosa postcard

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Trosa fishing competition May 2016

Today when I walked to the opening of the Spring exhibition I saw the ongoing Trosa fishing competition that is held in the beginning of May every year. They competitors line up along the Trosa river or maybe I should call it Trosa creek. Both kids and grown ups can participate.  This year it was… Continue reading Trosa fishing competition May 2016