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Clean the air

You know how it can be. In a relationship, friendship, parentship, work relations or anything else that has to do with interacting with others. First it's all good, fun and stable. Then after sometime there isn't what it used to be. You try to figure out what's different. If it's you or the other, or… Continue reading Clean the air

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Dannys question for the day made me think of this word: Visit his post and read other good one word a day suggestions. What do you think of the word TRY? Anna

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Missing painting

   This dry pastel painting only exists in my mind and on this photo.  The original painting is gone and will never come back. Sounds more dramatic than it is. I bought dry pastel crayons and I did this painting as a test. Then I tried to use fix spray to get the colors in… Continue reading Missing painting

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Edwinlives4ever The Crow Reborn told me in a comment about Inktober. You can read more about Inktober here: I will try this if I somehow find the time. Drawings with ink is fun. Give it a try, all of you 🙂 Anna