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Blue anemon Blåsippa

Another Spring flower. The first blue anemon this year. And I saw two more coltsfoot  And today we had 18C here! That's not normal at all, but very nice after the minus degree C season. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Spring is here!

Yesterday I found the first coltsfoot, in Swedish we call ths beauty Tussilago. Today we have 15 C outside. So there's two clear signs of Spring.  Never mind the weather forecast says snow in Wednesday... Today it's Spring and that's enough for me right now 😎 I hope you have a lovely Sunday Anna

Nature miracles, Pastel paintings


I promised Jim that I will try send some Spring over to his winter wonderland. So I try with a paiting of coltsfoot, our very first Spring flower. Not here yet, but soon I hope.  Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever


I refuse to give that white stuff coming down from the sky any attention. I will not show you a picture of my town, today temporarily dressed in white. I want Spring to continue freely without that white cold stuff interfering. I want this different colored creatures to show up and give us life, hope,… Continue reading Diversity

Nature miracles, Pastel paintings, Photographs, What ever

It’s official!

Spring is here. At least by my own definition 🙂 The very first and only coltsfoot has arrived in my place.    It is the first flower that appears in our Spring time.     I've only seen one yet, but there will be plenty more when real Spring sun and warmth comes. I love these… Continue reading It’s official!

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   I'm waiting for this little flower to show up in nature. It's the first flower showing up in Spring. Coltsfoots often grows in ditches at the roadside. They are yellow as the sun in childrens paintings and they look lovely. They also tell Spring is finally here! I haven't seen them yet, but I… Continue reading Waiting

Pastel paintings, What ever

Glad påsk till er alla!

Med vårens kanske allra första blomma Tussilagon önskar jag er alla en Glad Påsk! Ni må tycka att Tussilagon tillhör ogräsblommorna, men för mig tillhör den en av våra mest glädjebringande blommor vi har i naturen. Den står där gul, lysande, bland allt gråbrunt gräs i skog och diken. Fullkomligt Ronja-vrålar ut ett vårskrik. Tussilagon… Continue reading Glad påsk till er alla!