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Friday night – nostalgia from the 80’s

If you haven't noticed it yet. It's Friday! And in my head this old tune turned up. Yes I grew up as a teenager in the 80's and the show Fame was one of the few shows with music in Swedish television. Back in those days we only had two channels and no VHS… Continue reading Friday night – nostalgia from the 80’s

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First Sunday in March I always do this

I will never ever put on a pair of skies and go nine Swedish miles (one mile is ten kilometers) from Sälen to Mora. But I will probably always in my mind ski that nine miles every year the first Sunday in March in front of the tv in my favorite chair with my favorite… Continue reading First Sunday in March I always do this

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World cup Stockholm 

Tonight on Swedish TV there was a annual event from Stockholm Sweden. FIS ski world cup visited Hammarby ski slope with a parallel slalom competition. That's very fun to watch on TV. They run against each other two at the time in a cup that ends with a small and big final.  So tonight I… Continue reading World cup Stockholm 

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First Sunday in March – TVday!

   I don't watch tv that much, I make art instead. But there's one day on tv I don't wanna miss. That's the first Sunday in March every year. Then it's time for the ski classics race Vasaloppet. Thousands and thousands of people, both professional skiers and amateurs are participating in a long ski race… Continue reading First Sunday in March – TVday!

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Kalle Anka på julafton

You probably have no idea what the headline says. But for Swedes this is a big Christmas event, or used to be in the 70-80's, and still are for very many Christmas celebrating families. In the 70-80's we only had two TV channels and only three radio channels and in the bigger cities some cinemas.… Continue reading Kalle Anka på julafton

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You are my TV!

You guys have far more interesting content than whats on my TV. I stopped watch TV some years ago, there was nothing to see and my art work took over and wanted my tv-time. I didn't mind really. But now I have found a new "TV". That's you my wp friends. I often get stuck… Continue reading You are my TV!

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Som ni vid det här laget vet, gillar jag att leka med begrepp. TV-soffa lämnar ju nästan öppet mål. Det begreppet måste väl ändå innebära tv-apparater i soff-formation? Om ni undrar hur jag hinner rita och måla så mycket trots mer än heltids förvärvsarbete kan jag avslöja hemligheten direkt. Jag tittar inte särskilt mycket på… Continue reading TV-soffa