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Memory of a good day

I had a very good Sunday yesterday. After a six day long workweek with chaos and stress around me it was good having a Sunday that I felt was a mini vacation. First of all it was free from idiots. That helps making a day good a lot! Second, I was in my favorite place… Continue reading Memory of a good day

Digital paintings, drawings, What ever

First workday after vacation 2016

Did this drawing last Summer and it's the same this year. First work day was okay though, but I started to became rather good at having vacation just before work weeks began again. How's your days? Anna

Digital paintings, drawings, What ever

End of vacation time

I checked my bucket list and look! I've done all things on the list 🙂 But I still want more kayaking time, art time and hang out with friends time. Swedish summer is short, but we have beautiful Fall months in August and September so I still have time to get the more-wishes done. I… Continue reading End of vacation time

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First work day after summer vacation

Do you feel like this after first work day after summer vacation? I do. I work all day and then when I'm through I'm back on square one. Or at least I feel that way 🙂 Anna