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All hearts day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. In Sweden we call the day All hearts day. So here we give our love to everyone like family, friends and sweethearts. Maybe you do that too? Or is it still just a day for Valentine? We need to spread our love everywhere we can. It's the only way… Continue reading All hearts day

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All you need is love :)

Happy Valentines day to you all! Be nice to each other and spread love around you.  You are very good at spreading love here in the blogging sphere. I hope you do that in real life too. It's not always easy and there are some sad people who don't get why love is worth spreading.… Continue reading All you need is love 🙂

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Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!

Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day! A day for all of us to show all kinds of love. To our beloved families, friends, our future friends and maybe if we want to reach worldpeace - our unfriends 😉 Let Valentines day be a peaceful day. After all, we humans are built by… Continue reading Lots of hearts to you all on Valentines day!