Be careful of your true friends. They are never easy to replace. Anna

Pastel paintings, What ever

Something borrowed, part 5

Again, a picture I interpret in my own way. Another painter friends painting motive that I've borrowed. A sharp eyed person can see a link between all borrowed motives this far in the posts "something borrowed..." I let you know the answer in next post, that's the last in the theme Something borrowed. Näst sista… Continue reading Something borrowed, part 5

Pastel paintings, What ever

Cinnamon bum day/Kanelbullens dag 4 oktober

In Sweden we celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day October 4th. Celebrate by baking your own and invite some friends for coffee. Or go out on the town and grab a coffee cafe with the variant of "homemade" cinnamon buns. Or set with a Cinnamon bun party for everyone you know. A bun or two makes most… Continue reading Cinnamon bum day/Kanelbullens dag 4 oktober

Digital paintings, What ever

Hundratals vänner?/hundreds of friends?

In north of Scandinavia we now have lots of dark hours ahead for a couple of months. The cities look like this. Lots of windows, not lots of people outside. Just one or two. Windowlights reveals i-activity indoors. Almost everyone with a tv, computer, cell phone or ipad that steal attention. From what? We all… Continue reading Hundratals vänner?/hundreds of friends?