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White spring flowers – Vita vårblommor

It's just heavenly beautiful this Springtime in Sweden. Everywhere in nature and gardens flowers bloom. Nu har vi vacker årstid i Sverige. Överallt i natur och trädgård blommar växterna. What season do you have right now? Vilken årstid upplever du just nu? Anna

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Magnolia season

Last year our Magnolia tree bloomed for the first time. This year the blooms are back 🙂 My drawing from last year Have a great weekeend! Anna

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Spring again – Vår igen

Do I need to say more that this drawing? Behöver jag säga mer eller säger teckningen allt? Oh well, it's beautiful outside anyway in Springtime. Men våren erbjuder ändå en härlig tid på något vis. Anna

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Walpurgis Night Valborg

Today we celebrate Walpurgis night in Sweden. Ancient tradtion as far as I know. I made a rockpainting of a fire and some singers in white student hats. This video show a very common kind of celebration. A big fire and student singers that sing songs welcoming the Spring. This is the Swedish lyrics… Continue reading Walpurgis Night Valborg


Nature miracles, Photographs

Ladybird on my doorstep 

The first ladybird of the year. At least the first I have seen this Spring. As a kid I thought they were fantastic beautiful little fairy tale creatures.  As a grown up I know they can be millions and then they are not fun at all. In Swedish we call them KeyMaiden in a direct… Continue reading Ladybird on my doorstep