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Läs om Vårsalongen i Trosa

Read about Trsosa Spring exhibition at Läs om årets Vårsalong i Trosa på If you can't read Swedish then you can check out the pictures 🙂 På kan du läsa om utställningen och se bilder därifrån. Om ni tänker styra kosan till Trosa i helgen finns två fina utställningar att besöka. … Continue reading Läs om Vårsalongen i Trosa

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Snowy, sunny,snowy,cloudy,sunny… in Trosa Sweden. The weather just can't make up its mind. Somedays are like this:    Snowy all of a sudden    Then a little sun comes around early in the morning    And after that some snowing again    Finally sun's coming back ☀️ How's your days? Anna

Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri, What ever

Trosa in coldness

   Today I woke up with -6 degree C/21 degree F outside. No snow but freezing cold. The other day we had 11 degree C/52 degree F. As long as we have no snow landscape I prefer the 11 degree C days. Winter in Trosa with snow is beautiful. It looks like this when I… Continue reading Trosa in coldness