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Trosa stadslopp 2018 – Runners in Trosa streets

First there's nothing but a beautiful summer evening around 21:00 Then people start showing up waiting for something to happen. First thing happening is a leader car and some bikers that means something else is coming. The winner of the running race with 200 meters left to finish line. After the elite group comes the… Continue reading Trosa stadslopp 2018 – Runners in Trosa streets

Trosa is the place

Konstutställning i Trosa 25 maj – 2 juni

Missa inte de färgsprakande livfulla akvarellerna och keramikfigurerna som Agneta Ericsson har gjort, som Galleriet på Västra Långgatan i Trosa ställer ut. Fantastiska tavlor som skänker stor lycka att betrakta.  If your in Trosa, don't miss the exhibition at a gallery who shows paintings and sculptures made my the artist Agneta Ericsson. This is some… Continue reading Konstutställning i Trosa 25 maj – 2 juni

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Green Greetings from Trosa

Are you having a good day too? Anna

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Judge this ;)

If you were an art jury with an assignment to pick art pieces for an exhibition. Which of these three pieces would you chose? Or which pieces would you left out. You can chose or not chose all of them or non of them. Why do I ask this? I'm participation in an exhibition in… Continue reading Judge this 😉