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Meet & Greet at 900!

I'm not making this up. We are actually over 900 followers on this blog now. Yes, I follow my own blog. I want to be like you, if you follow my blog, I want to follow it too 🙂 But we are over 900 without myself as a follower. This number 900 and more, I… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 900!

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Ongoing painting

I'm sorry I haven't time to read your blogs lately. I'm stucked in a painting that takes my time right now. I have an idea that I want to see where it leads. I have no idea what the final result will be. I will show you when I've finished the painting, but I will… Continue reading Ongoing painting

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Do you count your followers?

If you do, how do you count them? Do you count the email followers and the blog followers or just the blog followers? If I count all followers, then we are now 800 who follow this blog. If I count the blog followers I need some more followers before the notifications says I reached 800.… Continue reading Do you count your followers?