A magic evening in archipelago

I live in a place that is heaven on earth.

Some evenings are magic. When you go down to the seaside you can, if you are carefully and quiet, be part of nature. At least it feels like that when the birds around you don’t take a hike as soon as they see you.

I did this drawing after such moment. Two terns sat just a few meters from me and a little further away a grey heron stood still beside a swan at her nest. In the trees above me little birds were singing.

This heaven on earth place is so worth to protect for all future generations. Sadly our nature protection authorities doesn’t think so. It’s a big shame and actually it’s against the rules. But authorities doesn’t care to follow rules anymore in our area. 

I can’t understand what can be more important than to protect heaven on earth or nature as some call it 😉

But I will keep fighting for nature. Future generations must get the chance to experience this magic.



The perfect artist Mother Nature

Just look at this ice formations that the photographer Ingrid Benson found the other day.

Thanks Ingrid for letting us all see Mother nature’s artwork.

Wind and water in perfect match.


Sail away

Reuse art on cardboard

I found an old painting. I ilke it. Makes me remember summer days.

We’re in a rainy month now. We need the rain, but the darkness this time of year gets even darker with the rainy clouds. So I try to lighten up inside by remember summer days 🙂


I went to my church

I’ve said it before and I say it again. Nature is my church. Especially archipelago nature where my home is. Nothing beat this in my book.

Can you believe there are people who wants to destroy this beautiful piece of paradise?

I will fight as long as I can to preserve nature. 

Have a great day you all!


My power bank :)

Morning calmness at the Baltic sea near my home.

Bokö-Askö nature reserve, Baltic sea. Also near my home.

This is an excellent power bank and I hope this wonderful nature will stay here forever.

I saw the white tailed eagle several times over the tree tops. Didn’t catch it on camera though. The eagle was to fast for me.

I always get new energy when I’m in this place 🙂


Steglits – European Goldfinch

Right outside my window there’s a water hole in the rock. It’s a favorite place for many birds. I see them almost everyday go there drinking water or take a bath. This litte fellow often comes around. It’s a goldfinch. In Swedish we call it Steglits.


Askölab June 17 2017

Once a year the Askö laboratory in Trosa archipelago open for the public.

The place is part of Baltic sea center. Marine biology research is going on constantly out there.

You can read about the Baltic sea weed research at the blog Balticseaweed/Tångbloggen.

At www.itrosa.se you can read about the day at Askölab.

It was a wonderful day and so exciting to sea all the different animals living in the sea.

I made a drawing of the day 🙂


And here’s a photo. You can see more photos at itrosa.se

Kayak water

Soon I hope I get time for some kayaking. 

This is also why I’m fighting for nature. Can you imagine that some people wants to destroy archipelago life? 

It’s heaven on earth, still some think they can improve it by exploitation.

I like the archipelago just the way it is. Everyday we can watch many wild animals. That’s a gift from nature. We can learn a lot from them. They just are the way they are. They don’t “improve” nature by inventing grandiose projects that effects nature negative.

Have a great day!


Who are you? Vem är du?

Svensk text efter den engelska

Look at the ten frogs that could be any of us humans as well.

Who are you? Which frogs do you wish to be?

The one already betrayed by the too hot water that no one told you about?

The one who are about to jump in the water because other frogs claims it’s okay with a hot bath?

The one who follows the one who says the only way is up even if the pollution goes both up and down in that ladder of lifestyle?

The frog who doesn’t care about anything else than to find its own happiness and love?

The frog that thinks a simple stop sign will do the trick to stop global warming and hope other frogs will read the sign and act?

The frogs with the power to pull out the plug and decrease the heat of the water, but maybe doesn’t do it. They could use their power to increase or decrease the heating. What do they do?

I think we all are a little bit of the ten frogs from time to time. I just hope we all come to our senses in time and heal the planet for both our and the nature’s sake.

It’s time to wake up and realize that the water already is too hot for our health. We should help those in power to turn of the heat and the electricity to that hotplate. Give them courage to make the wisest decisions.

If you think this post can spread knowledge feel free to share it.

Sharing is caring   (Learned that from Danny)


Titta på de tio grodorna som likaväl kan vara vi människor.

Vem är du? Vilka grodor vill du likna?

Den som redan förrådes av det för heta vattnet som ingen berättade om?

Den som ska hoppa i vattnet, eftersom andra grodor hävdar att det är okej med ett varmt bad?

Den som följer den som säger att det enda sättet är uppåt även om föroreningarna går både upp och ner i den stegen av livsstil?

Grodan som inte bryr sig om något annat än att hitta sin egen lycka och kärlek?

Grodan som tror att en enkel stoppskylt kommer att hindra global uppvärmning och hoppas att andra grodor kommer att läsa skylten och agera?

Grodorna som har kraften att dra ut kontakten och minska värmen i vattnet, men kanske inte gör det. De kan använda sin kraft för att öka eller minska uppvärmningen. Vad gör de?

Jag tror att vi alla är en liten bit av de tio grodorna från tid till annan. Jag hoppas bara att vi alla förstår allvaret i tid och påbörjar läkningen av jorden för både vår och naturens skull.

Det är dags att vakna och inse att vattnet redan är för varmt för vår hälsa. Vi borde hjälpa de som har makten att stänga av värmen och el till den kokplattan och göra så att de vågar fatta kloka beslut.

Om du tycker att detta inlägg kan sprida ett bra budskap får du gärna dela inlägget.

Sharing is caring (Learned that from Danny)


Winter walk

Jellyfishes still alive in December, that’s amazing or climate changes.

Rhodedendron prepared for next seasons blooming. 

Shaddow of me 😉

How does your winter walks looks like?

Or do you live in a place where Summer rules?

I’m in the north hemisphere so here it’s winter.


Winter wonderland

Very simple painting. Cut out a house, stars, moon,bowl with porridge, Christmas tree and sant in paper. Put it on a bigger paper. Color the paper. Lift of the cuts and there you have it!

Speaking of winterwonderland 


Have a nice winter wonderland day 🙂


Early morning at Trosa river

Woke up and looked out the window. White ground, dark skies. 

Beautiful but cold and I so wished it was a day off so I could go back to bed, but it was workday and it turned out to be a nice day despite the weather.


Trosa harbor Sweden october 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Trosa harbor Sweden oct 2009

Vattendroppens väg – raindrop is falling


I read a text about how water droplets falling and got the inspiration for this black and white drawing. The drop begins its journey at the top of the roof and takes down the tiles and heaves over the gutter edge plants in its form and continues with the wind playing down to the ground where it bursts out many more droplets where the air then resumes the water to start the whole trip.

In a sense that when we go conducted skis. We go down the hill, take the lift up to go down again.

Jag läste en text om hur vattendroppar faller och fick inspiration till denna svartvita teckning. Droppen börjar sin färd längst upp på hustaket och tar sig nedåt längs takpannorna och häver sig över hängrännans kant, växter i sin form och fortsätter med vindens lek ner till marken där den brister ut i många fler droppar där luften sedan återupptar vattnet för att börja om hela färden.

På sätt och vis som när vi åker utförs-skidor. Vi åker ner för backen, tar liften upp för att åka ner igen.


Clouds in the water?

Nature beauty. I didn’t do anythong but to take the photo. The rest is natures doing.

Sweden archipelago in Baltic sea in my neighborhood.