Nature miracles, Photographs

Clouds Moln

Unusual sight nowadays. Clouds. But when they come up over sea they vanished. No rain in sight and 30 degree C in shadow. Normal summer temps for us is around 20 C. Några moln dök upp igår men skärgårdsluften löste upp dem. Inget regn, men vi slapp också åska tack och lov. How's your weather?… Continue reading Clouds Moln

Digital paintings

Something Brrrrr about the Fall

Todays weather No, this is not at night, this is todays daylight! South moving birds are wise fellows. I already miss Summer! Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

White roofs

The red roofs the other day turned white today It's a bit snowy again 🙂 Which roof color do you prefer this time of year? Anna

Pastel paintings

Advent 3

I hope you all have a pleasant third advent. Here's rain and that white stuff coming down now and then. Not so cold yet. Maybe we get a rainy Christmas this year. Anna

Pastel paintings

Misty window

Weather, creating fog on the window may not belong to the favorites, but the mist often create beautiful patterns on the windows. When the sun once again appears, windows can look like shimmering paintings. I tried using colored paper and light pastels to paint fog on the window. The result you see here. Väder, som… Continue reading Misty window

Nature miracles, oil paintings, What ever

Finally rain (again)

Do you like the sound of rain? At first you don't understand where the sound is coming from, until you realize it's the rain. When you look through your windows, you see the raindrops. You then get moves to the sound. By then you really get that it's raining. Then the sounds stop for a… Continue reading Finally rain (again)

Digital paintings, drawings, What ever


In Sweden we have a week where the name day consists only of women's names except one day. One of the traditions of the week is to bake a cake for every day. A less popular tradition of the week is that there are often unstable weather with a lot of rain. I stick to… Continue reading LADIES WEEK – CAKE WEEK