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Wp Sunday pub – Christmas music

It's been a while sins we had the Sunday wp pub. The pub where everyone is welcome. Drinks for everybody and it's open around the clock. You never get too drunk or too bored. You can meet each other in the comments and pic your own music by pasting a youtube link right into the… Continue reading Wp Sunday pub – Christmas music

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Mamselle Trosa Sweden

   One of The historical buildings in Trosa.  Sörmlands museum write about the building here: For you who doesn't read Swedish, here's a google translation: "Anton's tavern, Western Longstreet 9 The house is built in the mid-1800s and has served as the police and fire department and then as a pastry shop, "MAMSELLE Trosa"… Continue reading Mamselle Trosa Sweden

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Where you from?

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall write in his posts about the flag stats fascination. You find the countries stats at your admin page. A map and a list with flags and countries. I agree, it's fascinating to see how visitors comes from all over the world to your blog. Maybe just for… Continue reading Where you from?

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Not that I’m counting but…

We're now 299 following this blog. Who will be the 300 follower? You are all welcome as followers to this blog. All are alike no matter what number you have in the following list. I appreciate your thoughts in the comments a lot. Gives me ideas and inspiration to keep on painting and writing. Have… Continue reading Not that I’m counting but…