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The battle

Who wins this match in your head? The question mark or the exclamation mark?  It's important to ask questions in your head constantly but is it always important to find answers to those questions? I'm not sure. I think the most important is to ask questions all the time and find answers sometimes if they're… Continue reading The battle

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The wrong zero

Tonight my country Sweden football team probably plays their last game in the European football (soccer) championship for this time. We are a funny football nation. In this championship we haven't learn which zero we shall keep in the stats. We have zero shots on goal and zero goals made by our own players. Still… Continue reading The wrong zero

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Race against time – Tidsrace

Can we ever be number one in the race against time? Or does time always gonna be ahead of us? Are we like the hare? Running without realizing that the time always will catch up no matter how long the race is and no matter how fast we run? Are time our tortoise? Are time… Continue reading Race against time – Tidsrace

Time hunting

Gain time/Vinna tid

Can we gain time? Imagine being able to scrape up more time on a winning ticket. But, how would it look like? Probably would we start trading with time, just as we do with shares. Kan vi vinna tid? Tänk att kunna skrapa fram mer tid på en vinstlott. Men, hur skulle det se ut?… Continue reading Gain time/Vinna tid

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What’s your defects?

Are you an ideal person, in shape, in mind and in body? Didn't think so, and me neither. I think we all have our small and big defects, that we learn to live with. Since birth or after other things that happened to us in ongoing life. When we think of our defects, we often… Continue reading What’s your defects?