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Something good about Fall

A walk in the woods. Fresh air, nature miracles and some nice findings 😉 I hope you all have the weekend you want. Mine is good so far 🙂 Anna

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Vems ägg? Who left the egg?

I found this little white egg in the woods. I wonder who it belongs to. It's not Easter, so I don't believe the answer is Easter bunny 😉 Jag fann detta lilla vita ägg i skogen härom dagen. Jag undrar vem det tillhör. Det var lite mindre än ett hönsägg, men inte så litet som… Continue reading Vems ägg? Who left the egg?

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Today I've been to a beautiful place outside Trosa. One of the Swedish royal palaces, Tullgarn palace. For me it's not the buildings that impress me. It's the surroundings, the park, the trees, the water. The buildings are beautiful and carries lots of history fo course. But I wonder what the garden can tell us… Continue reading Tullgarn

Nature miracles, Photographs

Lingonberry – Lingon

This year seems to be a good lingonberry year. There's lots of blooms in the woods. In the Fall we will see if the blooms has turned in to berries. Anna

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Chantarelle is a favorite in Sweden this time of year. The rain makes them grow in the forests.  This is my findings 🙂 Anna